Vigilantes of Love

“Among the most enjoyable short stories that I have read in the past few years… I thought their approach subtle, but still, they managed to pack one heck of a punch.”
~ HorrorWorld

Tales of magic and the macabre!

…A woman whose life is shaped and doomed by the “Calling of the Moon”…
…A girl who learns the secret powers of the “Seven Deadly Seeds”…
…A boy who finds that the power of music can open a hidden world thanks to a flute hidden in the attic…
…A man who learns the meaning behind the voodoo curse that brings the “Vigilantes of Love” from the hearts of the New Orleans swamps to punish the adulterers under the light of the full moon…

Vigilantes of Love offers these and many more tales of dark magic, the macabre and things that happen when you go one step beyond…

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Table of Contents

PREFACE: 10th Anniversary Edition
INTRODUCTION: The Songs of Love

Calling of the Moon
A Time For Music
Trick and Treat
After the Fifth Step
Seven Deadly Seeds
Hard Heart
Anne’s Perfect Smile
A Lack of Signs
Christmas, The Hard Way
The Humane Way
The Right Instrument
Vigilantes of Love

LOST STORIES: Rescued Vigilantes
Hair of the Dog
Learning To Build
The Key to Her Heart
Why Do You Stay With Him?

About the Author

Publishing History

2003 – Trade paperback edition released by Twilight Tales
2013 – Trade paperback and e-book expanded 10th anniversary editions released by Dark Arts Books

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