(The Curburide Chronicles, Book 1)

“Haunting, eerie and evocative – John Everson’s Covenant is a mesmerizing read full of supernatural atmosphere and characters that all readers will recognize as themselves. The dread increases with every chapter. This is horror done right.”
~ Brian Keene, author of The Rising and City of the Dead

In a small town with a strange history of teen suicides, a group of five women have made a pact with a demon and must sacrifice their firstborn.

To the residents of the sleepy coastal town of Terrel, the cliffs of Terrel’s Peak are a deadly place, an evil place where terrible things happen. Like a series of mysterious teen suicides over the years, all on the same date. Or other deaths, usually reported as accidents. Could it be a coincidence? Or is there more to it? Reporter Joe Kieran is determined to find the truth.

Kieran’s search will lead him deep into the town’s hidden past, a past filled with secrets and horror, and to the ruins of the old lighthouse atop the tragic cliffs. He will uncover rumors and whispered legends — including the legend of the evil entity that lives and waits in the caves below Terrel’s Peak…

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Covenant won the Bram Stoker Award in 2005. Learn more.

Publishing History

2004 – Limited Edition hardcover released by Delirium Books
2007 – Polish edition released by Red Horse Books
2008 – Mass market and e-book editions released by Leisure Books
2012 – Trade paperback and e-book editions released by 47North
2016 – French edition released by Riviere Blanche

Other Books in the Series:

Sacrifice Redemption, by John Everson

Other Editions:

Covenant was originally released in a limited edition hardcover by Delirium Books in 2004 with artwork by Alan Clark (first cover below). It has also appeared in Polish, French and a pirated Turkish edition. The French edition (Le Pacte Des Suicides) won the Graham Masterton Award for a translated novel in France in 2017.

Covenant by John Everson, original hardcover edition from Delirium Books, 2004. Covenant (Demoniczne Przymierze) by John Everson, Polish Edition. Red Horse Books, 2007.  Covenant ( Le Pacte Des Suicides) by John Everson. Published by Riviere Blanche. Covenant (Tutsak) - illegally produced Turkish edition

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