Cokolwiek Zechcesz (Whatever You Want)

“… interesting stories that are worth exploring. It’s a strong and bloody collection all at the same time. I liked it and recommend it.”
~ Bramy Grozy (Gates of Horror)

Five intense tales translated just for Poland!

PUBLISHER’S TRANSLATED DESCRIPTION: If you keep this book in your hands, you must know what you want … And you will get what is dark and inconceivable, which rolls in the recesses of the soul, flows in blood, smells of sex, bites into your mind and body. Even if the world around you is bathed in sunlight, John Everson will lead you to the area where the shadow lies, where dark desires, perversions, and degeneration lurk. 

You have in your hands a collection of five stories from the master of horror – John Everson. Join the world to which not everyone is invited. We give you … Whatever You Want.

Available in trade paperback from Dom Horroru.

Table of Contents

Field of Flesh
Violet Lagoon
In Memoryum
Whatever You Want

Publishing History

2017 – Hardcover and Trade paperback edition from Dom Horroru (House of Horror)

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