Field of Flesh

(A NightWhere novelette)

“A supernaturally kinky sex club, an all-too-eager detective, and the very dangerous temptations of sexual voyeurism.”
~ Beauty in Ruins

When Patricia Delacruiz entered the detective’s office and asked him to find and rescue her voyeuristic husband from where he was being held captive in a mysterious BDSM club called NightWhere he should have shown her the door. Instead, after she showed him a garter belt and a handful of hundred dollar bills, he took the case. But he quickly finds that the secret entry to NightWhere isn’t simply a doorway to adult pleasures. It’s a doorway to something much more sinister. Soon, he would learn the darkest meaning of being a Watcher!

“Field of Flesh” is a standalone novelette set in the world of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel NightWhere. It was originally published in Dark Discoveries Magazine and also appeared in Sacrificing Virgins, a collection of John Everson’s horror and dark fantasy fiction.

A tantalizing new look into the world of NightWhere!

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