“…kind-of like reading a novella-length version of lyrics to a Slayer song …Failure is an impressive, fast-paced read that shoves your face into the sleaze and then takes off like a drive-by shooting. For a short story, this sucker packs quite a punch.”
~ The Horror Fiction Review

Raymond is such a failure, he can’t even kill himself and get it right. Cindy just plain doesn’t care; she’ll get on her knees for anyone beneath the football field bleachers to score a nickel bag hit. And Sal is a frustrated goon with a hook nose and an attitude so sour he can’t nail a girl even with the lure of free dope and a getaway car.

When these three desperate teens meet Aaron, a failed practitioner of the dark arts who offers them the best high they’ve ever smoked in exchange for some kinky sex play inside his pentagram, things can only go from bad to worse. Aaron hopes to ensnare and re-birth the spirit of a late witch, to capture her power from beyond the grave for his own.

Soon, they’ll all learn the darkest, bloodiest, most terrifying definition of Failure.

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Publishing History

2006 – Limited Edition Hardcover (500 signed copies) released by Delirium Books (Chapbook Line #1)
2010 – E-book edition released by Darkside Digital
2013 – E-book edition released by Dark Arts Books

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