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I don’t regularly review films these days, but periodically, I will review things that really strike me. Over the past few years, I’ve reviewed the Vinegar Syndrome release of Pets, the Synapse Films 4K upgrade of Suspiria and Raro Video’s excellent release of A Death Occurred Last Night. I’ve also done a couple compendiums of giallo film reviews, including 10 Giallo Films for Halloween. Check out all of my recent film musings in the Film Category of my blog.

Sinister Cinema

In the late ’80s, I was a beat reporter for The Star Newspapers, a suburban newspaper chain near Chicago. In addition to my normal beat, I occasionally reviewed horror films like John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness or Alien 3. I also penned the occasional Halloween “haunts” article. For Halloween 2002, I thought it would be fun to cover offbeat horror flicks that had come home to DVD with the explosion of the silver discs.

I’ve wrote installments for Halloween 2003-2006, covering dozens of DVD titles, from Re-Animator, The Wicker Man, Evil Dead 2 and Dawn of the Dead to Flesh for Frankenstein, Lips of Blood, High Tension and The Devil Collection.

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In 1996, when Paula Guran started Bones of the Children magazine — later Wetbones. She was looking for someone to pen a music column that would be appropriate to a horror magazine. The natural result was “NightSongs,” a column that lasted three issues of the short-lived magazine.

Shadows in Stereo

When pro horror magazine Midnight Hour launched in 1999, Necro Publications’ Dave Barnett pulled me into the fold to resuscitate my “dark music” column that had died with Wetbones.Unfortunately, Midnight Hour and “Shadows” didn’t stay alive long. Only one column hit print.

Bug Music

I submitted a lot of short stories in the ’90s to Talebones, but when editor Patrick Swenson decided to put me in the magazine, it was to take over as the dark fantasy magazine’s music columnist.

I penned eight columns for Talebones from 1999-2002.

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