Short Fiction Bibliography

Since 1994, my short fiction has appeared in dozens of horror/fantasy/sci-fi magazines and small press anthologies. My first sale was to 2AM Magazine (a story that I wrote in college called “Tomorrow”) but my first actual publication was “Learning to Build” in Gaslight Magazine in January 1994.  At this point, my short fiction publication bibliography includes more than 100 stories, including licensed tie-in tales I wrote for The Vampire Diaries, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Green Hornet and Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars. I’ve had six collections of my short stories published, along with ten novels, a handful of novelettes and a couple anthologies that I edited and/or published. To see info on my novels and short story collections, please click the Books page. My full short fiction bibliography follows:

Anthology Appearances

“Prelude: All Roads Lead Back to the Bite”
Kolchak Nosferatu
Moonstone Books
(February 2023)

“Arnie’s Ashes”
Beyond The Veil
Flame Tree Press
(October 2021)

“Forest Butter”
Survive With Me
Alien Agenda
(November 2020)

“The Cemetery Man”
Midnight in the Graveyard
Silver Shamrock
(October 2019)

“The House at the Top of the Hill” (reprint)
Haunted House Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy Series)
Flame Tree Press
(January 2019)

“The Eyes Have It” (Polish Translation – “Oczy mają to coś”)
Gorefikacje III

“The Most Dangerous Game”
Chopping Block Party
Necro Publications
(September 2017)

Fearful Fathoms: Collected Tales of Aquatic Terror Vol. 1
Scarlet Galleon
(August 2017)

“Sing Blue Silver”
Into Painfreak
Necro Publications
(November 2016)

“Ghoul Friend in a Coma”
Drive-In Creature Feature
Evil Jester
(September 2016)

“Driving Her Home”
Cemetery Riots
Awol From Elysium Press
(June 2016)

“Amnion” (reprint)
Dread: A Head Full of Bad Dreams
Grey Matter Press
(March 2016)

“Love Lost”
V-Wars: Night Terrors
(November 2015)

“The Hole To China”
Eulogies III
(May 2015)

“Spirits Having Flown” (reprint)
Suspended in Dusk
Books of the Dead anthology
(September 2014)

Qualia Nous
Written Backwards
(August 2014)

Equilibrium Overturned
Grey Matter Press anthology
(Spring 2014)

“Dead Girl on the Side of the Road” (Polish Translation – “Martwa Dziewczynka Na Poboczu”)
Gorefikacje II
(Fall 2013)

“Prologue/Chapter 1”
The Carnival 13
Round Robin Novella
(Fall 2013)

“The Pumpkin Man” (reprint)
All American Horror: The Best of the First Decade of the 21st Century
(Fall 2013)

“We Take Care of Our Own”
Appalachian Undead
(July 2013)

“Something Inside” (reprint)
Fresh Blood & Old Bones
(Fall 2012)

Relics & Remains
(Fall 2012)

“Love Less”
V-Wars shared world anthology
(IDW, June 2012)

“Anniversary” (reprint)
Best New Werewolf Tales (Vol. 1)
(February 2012)

“The Tapping” (reprint)
Gothic Blue Book
(October 2011)

“Every Last Drop” (reprint)
The Necro Files: Two Decades of Extreme Horror
(October 2011)

“The Black Widow”
The Green Hornet Casefiles
(September 2011)

“When Barrettes Brought Justice to a Burning Heart” (reprint)
Best New Vampire Tales Vol. 1

“Yellow” (reprint)
Fell Beasts anthology
Dark Quest Books
(January 2011)

“Pumpkin Head” (Polish Translation)
11 CIEC anthology

“Camille Smiled” (reprint)
Best New Zombie Tales Vol. 2
(October 2010)

“In Memoryum”
Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry
(Winter 2009)

“The Mouth” (reprint)
The Death Panel
(December, 2009)

“Calling of the Moon” (French Translation)
Malpertuis I
litterature fantastique

(Winter 2009)

“And Then Shall the Reign of Lucifer End”
Infernally Yours

“Fish Bait”
The Horror Library Vol. 3

“The Eyes Have It”
Darker Discoveries (promotional chapbook anthology)
(Spring 2008)

“The Devil’s Platoon”
A Dark and Deadly Valley
(Spring 2007)

“Ice Cold Shakes” (reprint)
Echoes of Terror
(Spring 2007)

“The Strange Events at Vishnu Springs”
Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook
(February 2007)

On Writing Horror
A Handbood by the Horror Writers Association
(I wrote the “Small Press” Chapter)
(November 2006)

“Long Distance Call” (reprint)
( September 2006)

“My Aim is True ”
Dark Doorways
(Spring 2006)

“The House That Shane Built”
In Delirium
(January 2006)

“Camille Smiled”
Cold Flesh
(Summer 2005)

“The Tapping”
(October 2004)

Small Bites
(Fall 2004)

“Star on the Beach”
Peepshow Vol. 1
(Spring 2004)

“Green Green Glass”
Damned: An Anthology of the Lost
(Spring 2004)

“Spirits Having Flown”
MOTA 3: Courage
(Summer 2003)

“Dead Girl on the Side of the Road”
Decadence 2
(Summer 2002)

Tourniquet Heart (Summer 2002)

“Love & Sex & Rope & Screams: A Circus in 3 Acts”
Freaks, Geeks & Sideshow Floozies
(Spring 2002)

Dark Testament
(February 2002)

“Mutilation Street”
Bloodtype CD Anthology
(Spring 2001)

“Sacrificing Virgins ”
The Dead Inn
(February 2001)

“Calling of the Moon”
(Fall 2000)

“Mirror Image”
Nasty Snips
(Fall 1999)

“Biological Imperative”
Distant Journeys
(Fall 1996)

“Warmin’ The Women”
SPGA Showcase
(June 1996)

Magazine Appearances

“The Last Word”
Tales To Terrify
(500th Special: August 2021)

“After the Fifth Step” (reprint)
The Horror Zine
(June 2021)

“Every Last Drop” (Czech Translation)
Howard Magazine #25 (December 2017)

“In Memoryum” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #248 (October 2016)

“After The Fifth Step” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #237 (August 2016)

“Made For Each Other” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #236 (August 2016)

“Letting Go” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #232 (July 2016)

“Remember Me, My Husband” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #214 (February 2016)

“Running Away From A Good Time” (special Halloween story)
Not Now, Mommy’s Reading
(October 2015)

“Feeding the Field of Flesh”
Dark Discoveries
(January 2015)

“Bad Day” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #68  (April 2013)

“Bloodroses” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #66  (April 2013)

“Sacrificing Virgins” (reprint)
Tales of Obscenity
(March 2013)

“The White House” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #35  (September 2012)

“Green Apples, Red Nails” audio podcast reading
Tales To Terrify #7 (February 2012)

“Whatever You Want”
Dark Discoveries #19 (Fall 2011)

“She Found Spring”
Literary Mayhem
(April 2011)

“Ligeia’s Revenge”
Queen Anne’s Resurrection/ (September 2011)

Dark Discoveries (December 2010)

“Cage of Bones” (reprint)
Dead Lines #4 (Halloween 2010)

“Mutilation Street” (reprint)
Dead Lines #3 (February 2010)

(French translation of “The Right Instrument”)
Horrifique #68
December 2009

“Lovesong” (reprint)
(Winter 2008)

with Gary Braunbeck & JF Gonzalez
#7 (October 2008)

“Preserve” (reprint)
New Voices in Fiction
Fall, 2008

“Grandma Wanda’s Belly Jelly” (reprint)
New Voices in Fiction
(Summer 2008)

“Needles & Sins” (reprint)
9 of Swords Magazine (Spring 2008)

“The Pumpkin Man”
Doorways Magazine #4 Winter 2008

“Mirror Image” (Polish Translation)
Fahrenheit #61 (Fall 2007)

“Pumpkin Head” (French Translation)
(Fall 2007)

“Star on the Beach” (reprint)
Dark Discoveries #10 (Summer 2007)

“A Lack of Signs” (reprint)
The Literary Bone (February 2007)

“The Key to Her Heart”
Wicked Karnival
(Fall 2006)

“The House at the Top of the Hill” (reprint)
Hallow’s Eve (October 2006)

“Spectator at the Ring of Life and Death” (essay)
Morbid Curiousity #10
(May 2006)

“The Right Instrument” (Polish translation)
( July 2006)

“Lions and Wolfmen and Scares” (essay)
Wicked Karnival
(Summer 2005)

“Grandma Wanda’s Belly Jelly” (reprint)
Red Scream (Spring 2005)

“The Strong Will Survive”
Space & Time (Spring 2005)

“The Beginning Was The End”
Black October (November 2004)

“Made for Each Other ”
Feral Fiction (September 2004)

“The House at the Top of the Hill ” (reprint)
Sinisteria (September 2004)

“The Princess and the Pee”
Scared Naked (Summer 2004)

“Anne’s Perfect Smile”
Naked Snake Online
(Summer, 2004)

“Bright Ones”
Naked Snake Online (January, 2004)

“Preserve” (reprint)
Black October (Spring 2003)

“Good Shit”
Scared Naked (Spring 2003)

“Direkit Seed”
CyberPsycho’s AOD
(November 2002)

“House at the Top of the Hill”
(November 2002)

“The Humane Way”
(September 2001)

“When Harris Wished For Rain”
(June 2001)

“Pumpkin Head”
(Fall 2000) REPRINT

“Dragon’s Teeth”
Do Virgins Taste Better and Other Dragon Tales
(Summer 2000)

“Waiting For The Mail”
The Edge
(Spring 2000)

“The Mouth”
(January 2000)

“Grandma Wanda’s Belly Jelly”
(April 1999)

“Pumpkin Head”
Grue (March 1999)

“Every Last Drop”
Bloodsongs (Spring 1998)

Crossroads (June 1998)

“Broken Window”
Xoddity (Summer 1998)

“After The Warming”
Eternity Online Magazine
(April 1998)

(Summer 1998)

“Will You Love My Monster?” (poem)
CyberPsycho’s AOD (Fall 1997)

“Drank Death” (poem)
In Darkness Eternal (Winter 1997)

“A Time for Music”
(Spring 1997)

(February 1997)

“Touch Me,” (poem)
(Fall 1996)

“The Last Plague”
Outer Darkness
(Summer 1996)

Next Phase
(Fall 1995)

“To Earn His Love”
(Fall 1995)

“A Goblin, A Witch & A Girl”
Sirius Visions
(July 1995)

“Body & Blood”
Lords of the Abyss
(June 1995)

“A Switch In Jewels”
Shadow Sword
(June 1995)

Dead of Night
(Summer 1995)

“Only Believe”
Cosmic Unicorn
(Spring 1995)

“Ice Cold Shakes”
(Spring 1995)

“Fury’s Bite” (poem)
Heliocentric Net
(Spring 1995)

“Finding A Smile In A Lost City”
Sirius Visions
(February 1995)

“Greatest Pleasure”
Wonderdisk (Winter 1995)

“Murdering The Language”
Outer Darkness
(Winter 1995)

“Cage Of Bones”
Into The Darkness
(Fall/Winter 1994)

“Hard Heart”
Sirius Visions
(November 1994)

“Burning Flame”
Heliocentric Net
(October 1994)

“Why Do You Stay With Him?”
Ixxis (September 1994)

“Remember Me, My Husband”
Terminal Fright
(September 1994)

“Hair Of The Dog”
Sirius Visions
(August 1994)

“A Gift”
(Summer, 1994)

(June, 1994)

(Feb., 1994)

“Learning To Build”
(Jan., 1994)

Awards & Nominations

Le Pacte Des Suicides
(French edition of Covenant)
Masterton Award
(For Translated Novel) 2017

Bram Stoker Award Finalist
(Novel) 2013

“Letting Go”
Bram Stoker Award Finalist
(Short Fiction) 2007

“Lions and Wolfmen and Scares”
(essay from Wicked Karnival #4)
6th Place for Nonfiction
2005 Preditors & Editors Poll

HWA Bram Stoker Award for First Novel released in 2004
June 2005

“Lovesong” — 5th Place
World Horror Convention Fiction Contest
May 12, 2000

“Broken Window” — 3rd Place
AOL Dark Fiction/Horror Writers Workshop Flash Fiction Contest
January 1996

“Biological Imperative”
— Honorable Mention
L. Ron Hubbard’s
Writers of the Future Contest

3rd Quarter 1994

“Biological Imperative” — 3rd Place
Best of Soft SF Contest
(Soft SF Writer’s Association)

Honorable Mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror Anthology Series

“Calling of the Moon” – YBF&H 14 (2001)

“Spirits Having Flown” – YBF&H 17 (2004)

“The Beginning Was The End” – YBF&H 18 (2005)

“The Strong Will Survive” – YBF&H 19 (2006)

“Something Inside”
“You Never Got Used to the Needle” – YBF&H 21 (2008)

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