Nasty Snips"Mirror Image"

Originally Published in Nasty Snips
Pendragon Press , Fall 1999

Reprinted in Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions
October 2000



irror, mirror on the wall...what if you show evil, after all?

This is a story about the hidden evil within peeking out, and deadly voyeurism. It's also about packing a solid story into a very small amount of space -- I originally wrote "Mirror Image" back in '96 to submit to an anthology of stories that were 750 words or less to an anthology called 365 Short Stories, (along with a couple of other pieces, "Anne's Perfect Smile" and "The Right Instrument" both of which ended up in my collection Vigilantes of Love.)

Nasty Snips Editor Christopher Teague would later accept my story "Anniversary" to reprint in his anthology released through Prime Books called Tourniquet Heart.

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