Fiction by John Everson

SPGA Showcase"Warmin' The Women"

Originally Published in The 1995 SPGA Showcase
SPGA, Summer 1996




hat if the post-apocalyptic world found women only suitable for Food or another "F" oriented word? There are a lot of non-PC views in this story, none of which, frankly, are my own. Still, it was a fun story to write, because it's so off-the-wall. Dave Barnett bought this for the SPGA anthology a year or two after he bought and published "Cage of Bones" in his own magazine, Into the Darkness.

"Warmin' the Women" was presented alongside stories by Charlee Jacob, Ken Goldman and others, and has never been reprinted.

Contact me if you're interested in picking up a copy -- I still have a few stashed away.