Fiction by John Everson

  • This story is also featured in my short story collection Vigilantes of Love.

    Vigilantes of Love

TransVersions"Calling of the Moon"

Originally Published in Transversions:
An Anthology of New Fantastic Literature

Paper Orchid Press, Fall 2000

Reprinted in Vigilantes of Love
Spring 2003



his fantasy story was largely written in San Francisco during a business trip. On the ride out, I met a woman from England who talked of how she could always tell when the moon was full. It kept her awake all night, even when the windows were shuttered. I already had half of the story written in my head before the plane landed. I've probably gotten more positive reader comments on this story than on any other.

It was originally published in the Canadian anthology Transversions, and subsequently reprinted in my 2nd short story collection, Vigilantes of Love.