Fiction by John Everson

Small Bites"Faux"

Originally Published in Small Bites
Fall 2004




hen Garrett and Keith approached me about contributing a story to Small Bites, I had to say yes -- the book was created to help with the medical fund for Charles L. Grant , a legendary horror author and anthologist who in 2004 suffered from a debilitating respiratory illness that put him on a ventilator. The book features a great variety of authors, all of whom had to turn in stories that were 500 words or less (it's harder than it sounds!). I sat down on my deck that weekend and spent more than 3-4 hours spinning and then carving down a tale for the "animal" section of the book to get it to 500 words. Telling a story in that short of a word length is harder than you think -- I've written 3,000 word stories in the time it took me to get this one done!

In any case, Garrett and Keith accepted "Faux," and it was published alongside stories from Edward Lee, Robert Walker, Wayne Allen Sallee, Nancy Kilpatrick, Karen Taylor, Wrath James White, Mark McLaughlin, Garrett Peck and many more. Do take a look and consider buying this book - it's for a truly good cause, and I bet you'll enjoy the fiction!