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...But dreams can become nightmares
when you find out the secrets of The Family Tree.

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...In every pleasure there is pain.
In every touch there are Needles & Sins.

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...Your darkest desires. Enter the Red.
Or do you thirst to go deeper to discover The Black?

New Release

After a 10-year wait, the stunning conclusion to "The Curburide Chronicles" trilogy begun with Covenant and Sacrifice is now available!

What if you woke up in hell?
Alex hadn’t really thought of what would happen after she dragged Ariana through the portal to close the gate between worlds. She hadn’t given sacrificing herself a thought, she’d just wanted to end the demonic summoning before it was too late. But when Alex wakes up on the other side, in the world of the Curburide, she has to think fast if she ever wants to see Joe Kieran, or Earth, again. Her only ally is an occult serial killer. Demons are searching for both of them, and there’s nothing demons love more than human fear and pain. They feed on it. In the world of the Curburide, demons are everywhere. And they’re hungry...

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