The Night Mother

The Night Mother by John Everson

The sequel to the Bram Stoker Award Finalist NightWhere!

“The perfect storm of supernatural mayhem, celestial sex, and gore galore.”
~ Edward Lee, author of City Infernal

Cassie, a popular dominatrix, is ecstatic when she receives a coveted invitation to NightWhere, a mysterious but legendary underground sex and torture club. NightWhere is supposed to be a BDSM dream, a place where anything, and everything goes. A place where there are no “safewords.” It only appears one night each month, and never in the same place twice. The only way to find it and get in is to receive an invitation, and Cassie’s invite insists that she must bring a partner. But her leather-kissed dreams are quickly threatened when her sub turns up dead in her dungeon.

Selena, a fallen angel, barely escaped NightWhere with her life and her lover once before. When agents of the club’s Night Mother break into her house determined to drag her and Mark back to the club for punishment, they escape and head to a safe house. But the Night Mother is determined to bring them back in chains as a gift for Rae, her new princess of pain. She will destroy anyone and anything that gets in her way.

When both Selena and Cassie are drawn deep into the club’s secret rooms that promise an ecstasy of forbidden pain and pleasure, they must somehow try to protect the men they love. Because the Night Mother has a deadly plan that may turn The Red into more than a hidden boutique of perversion. If she is successful, NightWhere may expand to lure in not just a chosen kinky few, but thousands of misguided pleasure seekers. And if it does, the whips will crack until the blood flows like rivers and the screams echo in the most remote locations on earth. She will break the boundaries of our world and destroy everything and everyone they’ve ever desired…

The Night Mother by John Everson

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The Night Mother was released on June 1, 2023 in trade paperback and e-book editions from booksellers everywhere. An audiobook edition was released in October 2023 from Fright Night Audio.

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