Sekrety by John Everson and Tomasz Czarny

Secrety by John Everson and Tomasz Czarny, opened for me the gates of both severe licentiousness, at times of morbid desire, and thick, thick darkness…This duo of authors has created an incredibly reflective, writing symbiosis that you eat with spoons, and between each bite you feel some discomfort in the mindIt can be brutal, sometimes overwhelming, but it is the peeking into the human psyche that is most breathtaking here I did and I don’t regret it.

PUBLISHER’S TRANSLATED DESCRIPTION: John Everson and Tomasz Czarny, well-known authors of horror literature, have teamed up to create an amazing collection of stories.

This collection includes individual stories by Everson and Czarny, with the capper being “Raising Malphus,” a tale co-written by both authors, set in John Everson’s Covenant universe of demons. Their joint collection of short stories is the fruit of an international collaboration. Proof that literary horror has no barriers or borders.

Enter their world and taste real horror!

Available in trade paperback from Dom Horroru.

Table of Contents

This book is only available in Polish and includes:

John Everson:
“Bad Day”
“Sacrificing Virgins”
“Pumpkin Head”
“Every Last Drop”

Tomasz Czarny:
“Stara Przepompawnia”
“Sny Manekinow”
“Orazeria Swiatow”
“Dom Przy Torach”

and the novella “Raising Malphus” by Everson/Czarny

Publishing History

2021 – Trade paperback edition from Dom Horroru (House of Horror)

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