Dare To Explore...

...Your darkest desires...
Enter the Red. Come in... and Sin...

Dare to Play...

...Someone is killing the Songbirds...
Will Eve be next?

Dare to Enter...

... But beware of the witch...
And the trapdoor... and the blood...

Dare To Desire...

...Stealing Your Heart...
and more!

Dare to dream...

...But dreams can become nightmares
when you find out the secrets of The Family Tree.

Coming This Fall!

The Bloodstained Doll A new giallo novel!

The Bloodstained Doll – the 15th novel by John Everson – will be released on October 8, 2024. Order yours today!

When Allyson's mom dies unexpectedly, she thinks her world has hit rock bottom. But that's before she goes to live with her estranged Uncle Otto in Germany. When a child's empty casket is unearthed in the backyard during a violent storm, suddenly people close to her uncle start turning up dead.

Is there a connection?

As the noose tightens and murders draw closer to Berger Mansion, Allyson and her new boyfriend Andrew discover a dark truth hidden in the attic. Soon their lives are at stake if they don't discover why each broken body is decorated with... a Bloodstained Doll.

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Featured Titles

What if she made your darkest midnight wish come true?
Do you believe in witches?
What is the true lifeblood of the family?
Spiders are creepy enough...
but then there were the flies...

A Modern Giallo!

FiveDeaths Five Deaths for Seven Songbirds – the 13th novel by John Everson – hit stores on 03-22-2022. Order yours today!

Somebody is murdering the Songbirds...

When Eve Springer arrives to join the Songbirds it’s the fulfillment of her lifelong dream. But that dream is soon to become a nightmare. Somebody is murdering the Songbirds, using their own instruments as weapons. Will Eve be next?

"Intricately plotted in the classic giallo style, with plot twists and murders galore. John Everson has written a thriller that is sure to appeal to devotees of lurid Italian mystery thrillers."
Troy Howarth, author of So Deadly, So Perverse: 50 Years of Italian Giallo Films

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A Dark New Orleans Thriller!

Voodoo Voodoo Heart – the 12th novel by John Everson – hit stores on 10-20-2020. Order yours today!

Who will the Vigilantes of Love take on the night of the full moon?

When Detective Lawrence Ribaud wakes alone in a bloody bed with his wife missing, he knows this is more than just a mysterious case of murder. His wife is the latest victim in a string of bizarre disappearances. All across New Orleans, on one night each month, people are vanishing, leaving behind nothing but a pool of blood on the bedsheets… and an abandoned heart. Ribaud doesn’t believe in voodoo, but he soon finds himself moving through the underbelly of a secret society of snakes, sacrifices and obscene rituals in search of the mysterious Black Queen … and the curse of her Voodoo Heart.

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Enter... the Black!

The Night Mother The sequel to NightWhere, a Bram Stoker Award Finalist!

The Night Mother – the 14th novel by John Everson – was released on 06-01-2023. Order yours today!

Selena, a fallen angel, knew that once exposed, you could never escape the pull of NightWhere, a mysterious underground sex club run by beings called The Watchers. Cassie, a driven dominatrix, didn’t.

When both are drawn into the club's secret rooms that promise an ecstasy of forbidden pain and pleasure, they must somehow try to protect the men they love. Because the club's Midnight Queen, the Night Mother, has a deadly plan that may break the boundaries of our world and destroy everything and everyone they’ve ever desired...

"A novel of forbidden pleasures and violent depravity, where the line between pleasure and pain is razor thin. Enter a secret club where members indulge their darkest desires, and the demons lurking in the shadows are all too real. Another wickedly entertaining novel from a master of erotic horror!"
Tim Waggoner, author of A Hunter Called Night

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