(The Curburide Chronicles, Book 2)

“John Everson manages in Sacrifice to dispense buckets of blood, provide edgy perversity, and walk the tenuous tightrope of horror and sex without falling: It’s rather an amazing feat.”
~ HellNotes

They’re coming. They are a race of sadistic spirits known as the Curburide, and they are about to arrive in our world, bringing with them horrors beyond imagination. The secret to summoning – and controlling – them has fallen into the hands of a beautiful, sexy and dangerously insane woman.

Ariana has dedicated her life to unleashing the demons in our realm through a series of human sacrifices, erotic rituals of seduction and slaughter. As she crosses the country, getting ever closer to completing her blood-drenched mission, only three figures stand in her way: Joe, an unwilling hero who has seen the horrors of the Curburide before, Alex, a burgeoning witch … and a spiteful demon with plans of his own.

The surprising sequel to the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant!

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Publishing History

2007 – Limited Edition hardcover released by Delirium Books
2009 – Mass market and e-book editions released by Leisure Books
2009 – Polish edition released by Replika
2012 – Trade paperback and e-book editions released by 47North

Other Books in the Series:

Covenant Redemption, by John Everson

Other Editions:

Sacrifice was originally released in a limited edition hardcover by Delirium Books in 2007 with artwork by Alan Clark (first cover below). It has also appeared in a Polish edition from Replika and an illegal Turkish edition.

Sacrifice by John Everson, Delirium Books limited edition, 2007. Sacrifice (Ofiara) Polish Edition, published by Replika, 2009. Sacrifice (100 Yillik Kabus) - illegally produced Turkish edition

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