Dark Erotic Geshichten

“… This book is like a roller coaster ride…The wagon is pulled up, slowly and jerkily, the seconds turn into minutes, then you are finally at the top…Then it is there, the moment of falling, the moment in which the train rushes down, as if in free fall. After the ride, you get off the train and carry this feeling for a while. And that’s exactly how this book is full of short stories that play with you, push you to the edge of your own limits and then push you over with a light push.”
~ Reader Review

21 intense tales translated just for Germany!

PUBLISHER’S TRANSLATED DESCRIPTION: When a private investigator is investigating a sex club, does he necessarily need a gun? And witches aren’t always old, wrinkled women …

John Everson has collected 21 nightmares in this volume, including the novella FIELD OF FLESH, the continuation of his successful novel NIGHTWHERE. Somewhere in his stories the supernatural often lurks, well hidden behind the everyday horror and gloomy eroticism. A mixture that makes these stories so special.

This collector’s edition is signed by John Everson, numbered by hand and limited to a one-time edition of 999 copies.

Bound, with front and back embossing, bookmark ribbon and a dust jacket in the Festa leather look.

Limited Hardcover from Festa Verlag.

Cover Artwork by Wendy Saber Core.

Table of Contents

Field of Flesh
The Mouth
Every Last Drop
Direkit Seed
Pumpkin Head
Sacrificing Virgins
Star on the Beach
The Beginning Was The End
Whatever You Want
Cage of Bones
Green Green Glass
In Memoryum
Made for Each Other
Cemetery Man
Dead Girl
Letting Go
Then Shall The Reign…
Sing Blue Silver

Publishing History

2021 – Autographed Hardcover in 999 numbered copies from Festa Verlag

Dark Erotic Cover

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