Fiction by John Everson

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Peepshow"Star on the Beach "

Originally Published in Peepshow Vol. 1
Spring 2004




started writing "Star on the Beach" during a business trip to Miami's South Beach in 2001. One night, I was out after a day of meetings walking the beach at dusk, and met a young Cuban boy. While we didn't speak the same language, we built a sandcastle together, shoring up its walls against the growing encroachment of the waves and communicating only with nods and gestures.

I started writing the resulting story -- about what a man and a boy uncover beneath the sand -- late that night. I took a notebook out on the beach and scribbled under an endless, glorious vista of stars. I finished it several months later in a claustrophobic paneled room late at night in my dad's cottage in the Wisconsin North Woods.

Somehow...that heartwarming experience of building a sandcastle on the beach became a horror story for Delirium Books' The Dead Inn 2 anthology. It was accepted for that book, but eventually left homeless when the anthology was cancelled. It ultimately appeared in SST Publications' Peepshow Vol. 1 anthology. The British anthology unfortunately enjoyed only limited distribution in the U.S., but it's a book worth tracking down -- "Star on the Beach" shares the pages with many other fine erotic horror tales.