Fiction by John Everson

Distant Journeys"Biological Imperative"

Originally Published in Distant Journeys
Starlance Publications, Summer 1995


hat if a race had to be killed to reproduce?

I grew up reading the space opera short stories and novels of the "golden age" of sci-fi, but "Biological Imperative" is one of the few science fiction stories I've written. It explores an impasse between an alien race and a human outpost on a distant planet that ends in a strange biological imperative.

"Biological Imperative" appeared in Distant Journeys alongside stories by David Niall Wilson, M. Shayne Bell, Mary Soon Lee, Gerard Daniel Houarner and more.

Prior to being published in 1995, this story also earned me an "honorable mention" in the L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest in 1994.