Fiction by John Everson

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Damned"Green Green Glass "

Originally Published in Damned: An Anthology of the Lost
Spring 2004.
Reprinted in Needles & Sins, 2007.




hen Dave Barnett invited me to participate in DAMNED: An Anthology of the Lost, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Necro Publications, I was honored, and a little nervous. There were no guarantees that Dave would like, or buy what I turned in, and if he did, the story would be alongside heavy hitters like Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Edward Lee, Gerard Houarner, Jeffrey Thomas, Mehitobel Wilson, Charlee Jacob and many more. I kicked around a bunch of ideas, trying to not fall into the literal trap of an anthology about being "damned," but ultimately, "Green Green Glass" turned out to be a longish tale -- 7,000 words -- and took on the topic head-on, for better or worse.

While Dave Barnett has bought three of my stories in the past, starting with "Cage of Bones" for his Into the Darkness magazine, which preceded Necro's book line, this was the first story I actually had appear within a Necro Book.