Decadence 2"Dead Girl on The Side of the Road"

Originally Published in Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions
Fall 2000

Reprinted in Decadence 2
Summer 2002



or several years, I contributed short stories and magazine reviews to a little magazine called Crossroads. I even set up a web site to help out publisher/editor Pat Nielsen. When Pat announced that she would be closing the magazine, I wrote this story for her last issue — a tale of the crossroads, complete with a sign-in-blood deal.

Ultimately, that last issue of Crossroads magazine never was published, and this story first appeared in my collection Cage of Bones. I've done live readings of the story to audiences at Twilight Tales and the World Horror Convention on several occasions, and it always raises a few good laughs.

In 2002 it was reprinted in Decadence 2.