Spooks!"The Tapping"

Originally Published in Spooks!
October 2004




originally wrote "The Tapping" for a special Halloween live reading show Twilight Tales was hosting at a Chicago bookstore in 2002. It's a Poe-esque tale, about a bar bet between three drunk guys who start talking about a woman who seems to live in her own little world all the time. One of them suggests that if they shook hands with her using a skeletal hand instead of flesh, that she wouldn't even notice the difference...and with that...the trio is off to the cemetery to find a dead man's hand.

When I agreed to co-edit Spooks!, with Tina L. Jens for Twilight Tales, I had not planned to include one of my stories in the book; editors who do that are sometimes seen as a little suspect...but Tina urged me to let her see a couple of my ghost stories, and since I'd written this piece for Twilight Tales anyway, it was a natural.