VIOLET EYES and THE FAMILY TREE are on a 99 Cent Sale on Amazon!

Violet Eyes by John EversonTHIS WEEK, THERE’S a big 99 cent sale e-book promotion to “re-launch” the new editions of my 7th novel, Violet Eyes and my 8th novel The Family Tree, now that they both have new covers and are published by Dark Arts Books. Violet Eyes, is an ode to the “Creature Features” movies I used to watch as a kid. Spiders. Flies… creepy cocoons…. It’s an apocalyptic bug sci-fi thriller!

Violet Eyes was featured on the BookSends e-newsletter yesterday, on the EReaderNews Today newsletter today and will be promoted on the BookBub e-newsletter tomorrow. I’m hopeful that a whole new army of readers checks out the story of Rachel and the violet-eyed spiders and flies that she battles in this novel!

Check it out for 99 cents here:

The Family Tree by John Everson

While Violet Eyes is getting the “front-and-center” promo push this week, I’ve also got The Family Tree on sale for 99 cents and I’m hoping more people will enjoy this erotic horror novel thanks to the sale. This is my take on the classic plot of “what if a guy inherits a backwoods inn and finds out about the real dark secret history of his family.”

The Family Tree features seductive femme fatales, a fountain of youth and a basement full of roots and bones… Check it out for 99 cents here:

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