Voodoo Heart hits Best Of Lists for 2020


THE RECEPTION FOR Voodoo Heart since it came out in October 2020 has been gratifying, to say the least! It started with a great review from BookList, published by the American Library Association, and has ended up on several “best of” lists since. It’s gotten some great reviews on GoodReads and maintained a 4.3 Star average on Amazon. And book bloggers have created all sorts of really cool “book porn” images of the novel on…

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Goodbye 2020. No, really… Goodbye. Get lost.

NORMALLY, AT THIS TIME on New Years morning (it’s 1 a.m., an hour after the ball dropped as I start to write this), I pull out my notebook or keyboard and reflect upon the victories of the past year. I relive all of the things that happened that I know helped to shape the me I am today a year later than the last time I did this. Travel to various other cities, vacations, concerts,…

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