FAILURE is now available!

Failure by John Everson

I WROTE THE original story “There Were No Bullets in the Gun,” eventually retitled Failure, three summers ago now. In the fall of 2004, after Delirium Books agreed to publish it as the debut volume in a new “hardcover chapbook” series, I also created cover art for the book, using a wild mix of photos I took when I was in Philadelphia a year ago, some bullets and a gun from my dad’s, a bit…

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Happy New Year… but Goodbye to a Great Year!

IT’S ACTUALLY  New Year’s Eve as I  write this on my laptop on the couch,  watching the “return of Dick Clark” New Year’s Eve countdown show (there’s a zombie movie inherent in Clark’s return, isn’t there?) As I watched all the “top moments of the past year and the past decade” shows tonight, I had to reflect back on my own experiences over the past 12 months. And 2005 was a year of amazing personal…

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