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The Pumpkin Man by John Everson

THE PUMPKIN MAN is a horror thriller featuring a Ouija Board and a mysterious killer who cuts off the heads of his victims and replaces them with pumpkins carved in the likeness of their faces. It was my fifth and final novel for Dorchester Publishing, and it’s a story I’ve always wanted to do a sequel to (but so far, never have quite found the time!). When it was first released, New York Times bestselling…

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One crazy week… anchored by a Meteor

SO LAST WEEKEND, I got home late Saturday night from a work trip to Vegas. But I didn’t stay put for long. After a one-day rest, on Monday, I rented an SUV and drove four hours to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The reason? Meteor. Meteor is a pinball table that I’ve been looking to add to my basement mini-arcade for the past couple years. There were a lot of them produced back in 1979 by Bally…

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