The Night Mother is nominated for a 2024 Splatterpunk Award!

TONIGHT WHEN I LOGGED in after the workday, I found my social media had been blowing up all day… because The Night Mother is nominated for a 2024 SPLATTERPUNK AWARD in the Best Novel Category!!!

Talk about a great way to end the day!

I am hugely thankful to everyone who nominated the book – it’s a novel I’m really proud of that was literally a decade in the making. I had wanted to write this book since NightWhere originally came out and became a Bram Stoker Award Finalist back in 2012.

Given that this was the first book I’ve had to release independently in many years, to have The Night Mother show up this year on the Splatterpunk Award ballot is… awesome in a way I can’t fully articulate.

And… I’m with amazing company in the Novel category with C.J Leed, Duncan Ralston, Bryan Smith and Kristopher Triana. There are a ton of amazing writers in the rest of the categories too, from the incredible Edward Lee (who gave me an awesome blurb for The Night Mother), Ryan Harding, David J Schow and Gina Ranalli to Candace Nola, Matthew Vaughn, Chet Williamson and K Trap Jones.

The awards will be given out by Brian Keene and Wrath James White at KillerCon this summer in Austin!

You can see all of the nominees here:

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