THE 13TH on film

A COUPLE MONTHS AGO, when I was the author guest at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, I met Chicago Filmmaker John Borowski, who has been featured on the History Channel – he wrote and directed the serial killer documentaries H.H. Holmes and Albert Fish. We hit it off pretty well, and yesterday John, with the help of cinematographer Eric Richter,  wrapped a creepy new video “trailer” for my third novel The 13th!

I’m hoping this is just the first of many collaborations:

About John Everson

John Everson is a Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author with more than 100 published short stories and 10 novels of horror and dark fantasy currently in print. His first novel, Covenant, won the Bram Stoker Award for a First Novel in 2005. His sixth novel, NightWhere, was a Bram Stoker Finalist in 2013. His tenth novel, The House By The Cemetery, was released in October 2018.

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