Ribfest redux and cool Claymation

WELL, DESPITE A month-long countdown on my website, this year’s Naperville Ribfest didn’t go down quite as planned (for me) last weekend. I’d hoped to go 3 or possibly all 4 of the days of the fest but… my son was sick with a headcold the first half of the weekend, and I spent a day and a half picking up (took 3 trips to cram it into an SUV!) and putting together a new patio set. We ended up watching the fireworks on the side of a road in Woodridge on Friday the 4th (which turned out to be OK, because I heard later that they were turning people away at Ribfest which had reached capacity crowd!)

I did finally get to Ribfest on Saturday night, where my 3-year-old son got to see his first concert: Joan Jett! I thought that was a pretty good intro to rock-n-roll for a kid… and he was dancing to “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Crimson & Clover” and “Bad Reputation.” I had to laugh when Joan opened with “Bad Reputation,” “Cherry Bomb” AND played “Fetish” for the family crowd… I’m not sure anyone at Ribfest headquarters reviewed the set list very closely. ?

Ironically, on that same weekend, my son COULD have seen the same band for his first concert as I did 20 odd years ago if we’d gone to Lisle the night before — on the 4th of July Kansas was playing in Lisle (the town just east of us). I first saw them at an outdoor shed when I was 16 (kind of late for a “first concert” but then, 3 is probably kind of early…). But… I don’t think progressive rock and headcolds go well together.

Hopefully I’ll get to ingest hundreds of additional calories at Ribfest next year…


My friend Bill Breedlove sent this to me the other day… if you love horror or claymation, it’s a must-see:


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