PETEYBOO is Free for Kids!

TO CELEBRATE MY SON’S 7th birthday this weekend, Amazon is offering the book I wrote for him,  Peteyboo and the Worm, as a free download all weekend.  If you have kids from 5-8 years old (or know parents who do), I hope you’ll download Peteyboo and help them discover the story of a hungry bug with 18 legs and 37 eyes who needed a friend. The book even includes a link at the end to an Audio Edition, so kids can listen to me read the story on a computer or iPad or other Internet connected device, as they follow along with the e-book.

And if your kids (or your neighbor’s kids… or your friend’s kids…) enjoy the story, please post a short review, or hit the Facebook “Like” button on the book’s Amazon page. Check it out here:

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