Goodbye to my aural gasms… again. Strangeways Radio R.I.P.

For the last five years, virtually every night, I’ve sat at my computer and written stories, answered emails, idly surfed Facebook, whatever… all with the sounds of Strangeways Radio soothing my music-loving soul.

I just listened to the last broadcast of this long-running Internet radio station… and now my computer speakers are silent. Empty. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss this station, and the DJs, especially Mikey and Zumby,  who made it something truly special.

So long… and good night.

About John Everson

John Everson is a Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author with more than 100 published short stories and 14 novels of horror and dark fantasy currently in print. His first novel, Covenant, won the Bram Stoker Award for a First Novel in 2005. His sixth novel, NightWhere, was a Bram Stoker Finalist in 2013. Its sequel, The Night Mother, was released in June 2023.

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