It’s… The John Everson Christmas Page

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of different things to celebrate Christmas… this page offers some samples of my music, stories and art that celebrate that most festive of holidays!


“Show Me Christmas”

6-track live demo featuring Lexi Lehren on vocals
Copyright 1997 by John Everson

Back in the ’90s, I wrote this “racy” rock ‘n’ roll Christmas song and got some friends to help me record it for family and friends to celebrate the season.

You can also listen to “Santa” and “Will You Share This Christmas Night With Me,” an original demo song that I wrote which inspired one of the stories in my Christmas Tales ebook in the audio playlist below. Please forgive the very rough “demo” quality of these… I always hoped to be able to do them in a studio with a band, but these never got beyond my bedroom 4-track recorder.


Christmas Tales by John EversonStories!

Christmas Tales is now a Kindle Unlimited title! If you haven’t read it yet, I hope these stories and lyrics will bring some Christmas cheer to your week! Here are links to the book’s various pages:

You can read one of the stories, “Christmas, The Hard Way” for free right here on the site.

You can also read the archive of  my 2011 Christmas Blog about the holidays and see some photos of my Christmas tree at the Great Christmas Tree Tour!


Dark Arts Xmas Wallpaper & Zoom Background!

OK, so it’s not that creepy – it’s actually the bush in my front yard which is used in the cover of my ebook Christmas Tales

Download one to deck out your computer desktop and make everyone think you’re festive!

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