Signing for HOUSE announced at Book Expo in NYC

Book Expo America

ON MAY 31st, I will be signing preview copies of The House By The Cemetery at the Javits Center in New York City as part of the annual Book Expo America (BEA) conference! Signing at Book Expo America is one of those bucket list kind of things for me… I’ve wanted to go to BEA ever since my first novel, Covenant, came out in paperback ten years ago. BEA is the biggest book convention in…

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Return to New York!

THIS HAS BEEN a crazy couple of weeks! Two weekends ago, I spent playing pinball with my son and friends in Michigan… and then, last weekend I spent working at a convention center in New York for my dayjob. In between? I signed a contract for my 11th novel, finished the final rewrites and  copy edits on my 10th novel The House By The Cemetery, and had dinner with my editor to catch up and…

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SACRIFICING VIRGINS is on an Amazon and Amazon UK .99 sale!

Sacrificing Virgins by John Everson

Sacrificing Virgins, my most recent collection of horror and dark fantasy fiction, is on sale for the next couple days on Amazon for just $.99 or £.99! I’m hoping that readers will give it a shot and check it out this week while it’s cheap on Amazon US or Amazon UK. Today it was featured on a BookBub promotion in the UK, which drove it into Amazon’s Top 10 Bestsellers lists tonight in Horror/Occult: One…

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Pinball at the ‘Zoo 2018

IT HAS BECOME one of those annual events that the Everson house looks forward to throughout the year. My friend Brad introduced Shaun and me to Pinball at the ‘Zoo, an April gathering of pinball enthusiasts at the Kalamazoo Expo Center. This year, I drove Shaun, Brad, and his son Levi up last Friday night, so that we could start Pinball at the ‘Zoo bright and early Saturday morning. On Friday and Saturday nights, we…

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The Pumpkin Man is now FREE to Amazon Prime subscribers!

The Pumpkin Man by John Everson

THE PUMPKIN MAN is a horror thriller featuring a Ouija Board and a mysterious killer who cuts off the heads of his victims and replaces them with pumpkins carved in the likeness of their faces. It was my fifth and final novel for Dorchester Publishing, and it’s a story I’ve always wanted to do a sequel to (but so far, never have quite found the time!). When it was first released, New York Times bestselling…

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One crazy week… anchored by a Meteor

SO LAST WEEKEND, I got home late Saturday night from a work trip to Vegas. But I didn’t stay put for long. After a one-day rest, on Monday, I rented an SUV and drove four hours to Ann Arbor, Michigan. The reason? Meteor. Meteor is a pinball table that I’ve been looking to add to my basement mini-arcade for the past couple years. There were a lot of them produced back in 1979 by Bally…

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Cover reveal: The House By The Cemetery

LAST MONTH, I got a peek at the cover for The House By The Cemetery, my 10th novel overall, and my first for Flame Tree Press. I’ve been itching to share it ever since, but had to wait for a final version from the publisher. And at last… here it is! What do you think? The House By The Cemetery was the very first book signed for Flame Tree Publishing’s new Flame Tree Press imprint…

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Devil’s Dare Chili

THERE IS NOTHING better on a cold January weekend than a belly-warming bowl of chili. But not everyone can handle the same levels of heat. So when I make chili for my annual winter chili and ale fest for a bunch of guys from the neighborhood, I make a really big vat of it. After the initial base preparation, I separate the chili into three or four different crock pots to simmer for an afternoon…

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