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NightWhere by John EversonDreadful Tales dubbed NightWhere “a batshit crazy, hot, wet ride into hell!
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WTF Are You Reading called NightWhere “a story that could turn me off and turn me on, sometimes at the same time.” and also noted “While the supernatural plays a huge role in NightWhere, making so much desecration and defilement possible night-after-night, it is the human aspects that are often the most chilling.”
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Famous Monsters of Filmland reviewer Peter Schwotzer wrote: “I can guarantee once you start NightWhere you will not be able to put it down, it sinks its hooks into you and you just have to turn the next page to see what will happen next.

Chicks Dig Books wrote: “NightWhere combines reality with supernatural elements and creates a truly scary and unforgettable story… If you’re a horror fan and you can handle more graphic content, definitely read this book. But afterward if you find a red invitation slipped under your door, do yourself a favor and don’t open it!”

The Horror Review said NightWhere “is extremely well written, providing the kind of reading experience you get from Cormac McCarthy The Road or Scott Smith’s The Ruins — relentless in both realism and emotional impact.”

Sizzling Hot Books said “NightWhere will suck you in and probably never let you go.”

Horror Novel Reviews wrote: “Seedy sex clubs, whips, chains, floggers. NightWhere. John Everson’s latest trek into a world of utter blackness proves to be a deeply grim journey that provides a cruel commentary on society, all the while merging a supernatural presence that chills beyond the bone.”
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