Reviews of The Devil’s Equinox

The Haunted Reading Room wrote, “John Everson’s newest novel is so powerful, so terrifying, so implacable in the evil it describes, that I could not stop reading. I’m not sure which terrified me more, the implacable fanaticism of the believers–or the ending. Just when you thought it was safe—-. What a conclusion!”
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Publisher’s Weekly called The Devil’s Equinox a “fast-paced narrative” with a hero “lured down a dark path paved with black magic and lust that proves to be as dangerous as it is disturbing.”

Kendall Reviews said The Devil’s Equinox “brought to mind that very special time in the 70’s and 80’s, where the Devil had his claws in every reader’s mind…This is a homage to vintage ‘satanic panic’ fiction… Everson plays his cards evenly with this throwback to the heyday. For certain readers, we will smile devilishly because we know EXACTLY what cards they are, watching as the hapless protagonist struggles with his higher thinking skills and the ‘lower’ ones if you catch my meaning.”
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The Happy Horror Nerd called The Devil’s Equinox “a very interesting and suspenseful read” and noted, “Everson did a great job of exploring the ‘be careful what you wish for’ theme with this disturbing story, and I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy dark horror-thrillers, and don’t mind a little kink and Satanic worship.”
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Witching Reads rated The Devil’s Equinox 4.75 out of 5 stars and said “This is the first book I’ve ever read by John Everson and I must say he did not disappoint; I have always loved the concept of witches but it is always done so lightly which isn’t a bad thing but it always leaves me wanting more and THAT Everson delivered. This book explores the dark side of the human mind, how easily a human can be perverted, persuaded etc. as well as magic, the power of words and the occult.”
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