Reviews of Siren

Famous Monsters wrote that Siren offers “Fresh storylines, memorable lifelike characters, horrifying creatures and enough frights to keep you up late into the evening…”

Dread Central said that “Siren is easily one of Everson’s best. This multi-layered story captures the reader with its ability to stir the emotions as well as repulse.”

Paperback Horror wrote in its review of Siren: “Quote me on this: John Everson is the king of Erotic Horror.”
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Destroy the Brain said that Siren “weaves fear and seduction into a haunted tale of loss, redemption, and frightening fatal attraction.”

Helium called Siren “an effective and scary horror tale.”

The Horror Fiction Review wrote “All of the characters are well developed and flawed in some way. The flaws make them more real. There truly is no happy ending here; it’s sad and chaotic for the people involved. I was very surprised by the twists the book took, and I live for endings that I don’t see coming.”

Monster Librarian wrote that “This latest release from John Everson shows him broadening his horizons, as Siren contains neither demons nor any extremely graphic sexual scenes like his previous titles. However, Siren could be Everson’s scariest novel to date…”
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The Horror Review says “This is a book that will make any man who lives in or near the coast of any ocean feel uneasy about the beach and the water.”

Literary Mahem and wrote, “Siren should be at the top of your must read list and I highly recommend it.” wrote that Siren “was a nice change from the standard “destroy the beast” plot that crops up over and over in this genre. Everson started with a different breed of monster, and he ends with a different note than most other authors, and I applaud him for it.”

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