Reviews of Sacrificing Virgins

The Horror Zine wrote “Sacrificing Virgins is a total of twenty-five tales of terror and torture and fright, from the mischievous, to the aching, to intense degradation; it’s all here. Everson always delivers a brilliantly twisted tale. His delivery will make you squirm.
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Cemetery Dance called Sacrificing Virgins “an exhilarating read which left me yearning for more… [it] contains 25 of the darkest, most sexually perverse writing I’ve ever read and I mean that as a compliment.”
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The Horror Review said “Sacrificing Virgins is disturbing in the best sense of the word… The stories lingered, poking and provoking when I tried to move on to other things.”
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Frank Michaels Errington’s “Horrible Book Reviews” blog listed Sacrificing Virgins as one of the Top 10 of 2015!
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Horror World called it “an excellent grouping of newer pieces” and “a good friend to have when traversing the country by airplane, as I have been doing lately.”
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Beauty in Ruins called Sacrificing Virgins “a collection that absolutely sucked me in, devoured my soul, and left me an undead husk, eager to be used and abused some more…Some of it is beautiful, and some of it is shocking, but it’s all powerful.”
>> Read the full review here. called Sacrificing Virgins “one of the better horror collections that you are going to find.”
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Scarlet’s Web wrote, “I can honestly say there was something I liked and enjoyed in each and every story, something that very rarely happens when I’m reading a collection of shorts.”
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