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“Redemption” by John Everson – The Best of Horror (Review)

Redemption, by John EversonJohn Everson is one of the most prolific horror authors of the decade. His decadent prose combined with his usually strong narrative arcs make for a match made in horror heaven. Everson’s third book in The Curburide Chronicles, Redemption, proves why Everson is a flawless auteur with a progressive writing style that makes my knees buckle.

His usage of adjectives and adverbs is pure perfection; he describes without being onerous; he speaks without being laborious. Everson is like the gingerbread cookie that subtly slips into our coffee mugs without leaving crumbs behind. As a critic, it’s my duty to find flaws in an author’s work, yet much like Terry M. West, Everson lacks the “flaw” gene.

Instead of focusing on Redemption, I want to (need to) bring Everson’s talent to light. Reading his work is akin to being bathed in a deep red autumn dusk. His prose flows fluently with fluidity. The characterization, made sense in its fictional narrative.

Everson’s characters are entirely devoid of the cardboard-munching cliché which befalls so many other characters in horror fiction. Their stories and actions are succinct, smooth and soulful.


That is what Everson’s writing contains – a soulful ambience which I graciously accept without prejudice. I am pleased by Everson’s work. And you should be too. Because, dear readers, only a handful of horror authors “get it” at the end. Horror is a fickle genre. One moment it’s zombies and the next we’re reading about sparkling vampires with odd sexual urges. Clichés come and go in horror, therefore it takes a stalwart to rise above the rest.

Everson is that stalwart.

And I thank him for giving me a renewed interest in horror fiction.

Reviewed by Renier Palland.

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