Halloween… the big day is here!

TODAY IS HALLOWEEN! The big day! And the final day of the Coffin Hop!

I hope you’ve scored some goodies on the various blogs participating on the Hop so far!  So far, Sandy Czernik, Lori Parker, Kate, Sheila Halterman, Lionel Green and Meli K. have won e-book copies of Violet Lagoon on drawings here the past few nights.

So far this week, we’ve talked about horror movies, horror books, jack-o-lanterns… today it’s time for costumes!

I am not a big costume guy. I know, it’s Halloween and I love this holiday but… I just never have been much into “dress up.” That said… I have donned a monster mask on occasion… after all – I need to keep up with my 8-year-old son, right?

Today I’ll be going out with him and my wife to gather a bag of candy… and I’ll likely be wearing the same mask as I have the past couple years. I kinda like it. It’s me.

What do you do for Halloween costumes? Do you dress up? Are you brave enough to share a photo for me to post on the blog? Whatever you do, post it in the comments below (you’ll have to email me the photo, if you have one you want to share – john@johneverson.com).

Post your response in the comments section below about your Costume habits… and you’ll be entered in tonight’s big, final contest to win:

* an autographed copy of the rare hardcover collection Creeptych (which includes “Violet Lagoon“),

* an autographed copy of Violet Eyes,

* a cool spider candle holder, and

* a highly coveted Samhain Publishing Blood-Pen.

* an e-book copy of the brand new Carnival 13 novella
(a round robin novella benefitting Scares That Care)

So talk to me about trick or treating and costumes today… and tonight, my son Shaun will reach into the Great Pumpkin with ALL of the contest entries from the week in it, and draw the grand prize winner!

(Oh – and take this last chance to visit all of the other blogs on the Coffin Hop too — there are dozens of contests and giveaways spread throughout the Hop blogs!)

Here are a couple costumes from today’s posters:

Ira Gansler as Herbert West:


Shelia Halterman as a spooky witch:


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