Moments of Passion

The Credits:

Engineered by Mark Konzen
Mixed & Mastered by Trevor Sadler

All songs on Moments of Passion
were written by John Everson
Cover Design by E3 Productions


The Songs:

“Back 2 Start”
“Don’t Let’s Fall In Love”
“Take Back The Tears”
“Time 4 War”
“I Will Always Be There”
“Allison Rose”
“Moments of Passion”
“Christmas Bells” (bonus track)


The Band:

John Everson: keyboards, vocals

Mark Konzen: bass, backing vocals on “Allison Rose,” guitar on “Geralyn” & “Christmas Bells,” vocal coaching and other B.S.

Chris Fry: drums

Mark Watson: guitars

Lexi Zehren: vocals on “Moments of Passion” & “Back 2 Start”

Beverlee Bailey: backing vocals on “Allison Rose,” duet on “Christmas Bells”


Reviews of Moments of Passion

“Region Rumblings”
Beat magazine
February 1997

This 9-cut debut set of original pop fodder by local music scribe, John Everson, encompasses two years of his creative life. Although a mixed musical bag of varying quality and styles, this album shows Everson to have a creative spark as a songwriter. His songs are generally upbeat and buoyant, with words of love and desire spilling forth freely from his pen.

Things get off to a solid start with “Back To Start,” featuring guest vocalist Lexi Zehren, who returns later to supply vocals on the title cut. Zehren’s sweet renderings make her contributions the tru highlights of the album. She is a good vehicle for Everson’s songs.

Everson’s own vocals are pleasant, but they tend to wear thin as the album progresses. Of the tracks he handles, the best to emerge is “Take Back The Tears,” a bouncy tale of lost love that carries a strong Blues Traveler influence.

Everson is capably backed on these tracks by members of the South Side band Paddlefoot, with bassist Mark Konzen engineering.


Thad Rueter
Illinois Entertainer magazine
February 1997

John Everson‘s Moments of Passion is the work of a modern troubadour. Songs such as “Geralyn” and “Allison Rose” are bouncy and joyous, with lyrics that ooze with love and affection. Everson tends to play in the higher ranges of his keyboards,and when he sings (backed by a full band), you can almost see the smile on his face. Clearly, he’s a happy guy maybe too happy.

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