've played keyboards and written songs for as long as I can remember. Through the years, it's always been a struggle for me to decide where I wanted to focus my creative energies - on writing fiction or music. While I've created home demo tapes over the years, I've only been in a couple bands, and neither lasted long. I did work in a 16-track studio with some friends in the mid-'90s to create better produced copies of some of the songs I'd recorded at home on a 4-track machine. I put them on a tape called Moments of Passion and got a couple local newspaper reviews, but no music label bites. So my public creative focus has remained fiction.

    Over the past few years, however, my fiction has actually helped push me back into composing. In 2001, I had a story appear in Lone Wolf Publication's CD-ROM anthology Bloodtype. Because it was a multimedia anthology, I also recorded a techno-based theme song for the CD. In 2003, Lone Wolf used some more of my instrumental work on its Carnival/Circus CD-ROM anthology.

    Early in 2003, I also worked with a Chicago theater group producing a play by my friend and fellow local author Martin Mundt. A handful of my themes appeared in their production of his The Jackie Sexknife Show.

Moments of PassionSong Excerpts


  • Back To Start
    (from Moments of Passion,
    featuring Lexi Zehren
    870kb MP3 file
    copyright 1992 by John Everson

  • Take Back the Tears
    (from Moments of Passion)
    694kb MP3 file
    copyright 1992 by John Everson

  • Bloodtype Bloodtype Theme
    (instrumental from Bloodtype)
    1.4mb MP3 file
    copyright 2001 by John Everson

  • Night Magic
    (instrumental from Carnival/Circus)
    282kb MP3 file
    copyright 2002 by John Everson

  • Gotta Go
    (rough demo)
    521kb MP3 file
    copyright 2002 by John Everson

  • Jackie Sexknife Theme
    (opening theme - The Jackie Sexknife Show)
    1.8mb MP3 file
    copyright 2003 by John Everson