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this page originated as an online "journal" back in 1996 -- long before blogs and blogging tools, became de riguer. I've since transitioned to using Wordpress to post weekly or monthly updates to my Blog on elsewhere on the site. I also post on Facebook and send occasional updates to the John Everson Yahoo Group. This page now holds some of the archives from my old "writers journal" as well as the long photo-journals I've written over the years from various horror and fantasy conventions and other events. There are also some additional (more recent) links to convention reports in the left column, which appeared on the blog.

  • April 13, 2008: I did a signing yesterday at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA, with Amber Benson, Del James and Jose Prendes. Read and see pix here.
  • April 7, 2008: Wow... it's been a year since I posted here...but not a year since I've posted. I suppose I should clean up this page, which these days simply serves as my convention journal - hence... we've arrived at the time for the 2008 run-down of the latest World Horror Convention. For news about what I'm up to the rest of the year, please check my blog on MySpace.
  • April 18, 2007: It's been a darned busy six months! These days I'm doing most of my blog and newsletter type stuff over at my page on MySpace, but to sum up: Sacrifice, my second novel came out last month. My 3rd short story collection, Needles & Sins is due out from Necro Publications early this summer. And the second book on my Dark Arts Books imprint, Waiting for October, was released at World Horror Convention 2007 in Toronto. I've posted my diary/travelogue of the trip there and back to WHC here.
  • October 29, 2006: Unlike last year, this Halloween season I didn't focus as much on doing readings and appearances, though I did drive up to Milwaukee on Oct. 20 for a Barnes & Noble author panel, appeared on Oct. 25 for the third year in a row as the "Halloween" guest in The Writer's Chatroom and on Halloween night,

    I'll actually be doing my one live fiction reading for the month -- Bill Breedlove, Martin Mundt and I will all be performing at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 31 at the Red Line Tap.

    My real focus this season, instead of making the rounds in-person, was on promoting via the Web. I've gotten the word out to nearly 2500 people who've joined my list on MySpace about the free distribution of "Pumpkin Head" and hopefully, interested some in my books. It's taken up an awful lot of hours at night this month to respond to people, but I've gotten scores of emails and posts about the story; I think more people have read it this year because of myMySpace page than in the four times it's been printed in books and magazines!

    Because of the promotion, I was interviewed by Denise Kaminsky for her Interviews and Media News site, covering everything from what I grew up reading to my most recent book projects, from Candy to Failure to Sacrifice.

    And the FreakForum did a special Halloween edition podcast show that includes a live performance of my story "Pumpkin Head" by host Henrique Couto, complete with sound effects! The story appears right around the 1-hour mark of the program, which you can Download directly to your computer to listen to.

    In addition, the CountGore Dungeon listed the "Pumpkin Head" short story page as its Bizarre Site of the Week yesterday, and the nice folks at the Horror Yearbook posted my "Pumpkin Head" promo banner (at right) as a free ad. And both www.deadpit.com and www.crowgrrl.com have expressed in reviewing Candy in the Dumpster.

    In the end, I'm not sure that the effort has sold dozens of books, but it has moved as many as last year's "Library Tour" did, and it has also introduced me to some interesting new friends and fans!

  • October 21 , 2006: Friday night, Bill Breedlove and I headed up to the Milwaukee area to participate in a panel on writing horror and thrillers at a Wauwatosa, WI Barnes & Noble. While the store did zip to promote the event (they didn't stock most of our books, list the event on their web site, or even put signs in the store noting where we were (we were upstairs and off to a side...so there's no way most people in the store even knew there was an event going on!), we still had more than 30 people show up, and despite the store's apparent disinterest, we all had a great time.

    Bill and John
    Breedlove & Everson.
    Click photo for picture gallery, courtesy of Dave Benson.

    Joe Konrath did a stellar job moderating, having fun with questions that ran from "why do you write horror" and "which is your favorite novel" to "what is your favorite food" (I said jalapenos) and "what is your favorite movie?" (Beetlejuice). The other panelists included instigator W.D. Gagliani, Elaine Bergstrom, Brian Pinkerton and Raymond Benson.

    Probably the best part of the night for me though, was having Bill introduce me to "The Brat Stop," a fine Wisconsin venue that combines a deli, a bar, a live-band stage, a restaurant and...did I mention a bar? The brats are worth stopping for (and the jalapeno poppers ain't bad either!)
  • August 12, 2006: The last time I posted, it was May...and it doesn't seem that long ago. So where have I been? Well...after I got back from the World Horror Convention a few weeks ago, my wife and I put our house up for sale and decided we were off to bigger and better things. Only trouble is....we haven't gone anywhere...it's a dead house market in the Chicago burbs right now, and we're still sitting at the same address 10 weeks later! We've looked at lots of houses we wanted to buy this summer, and I've done lots of minor fix-it projects to put this one in shape so it would sell...And all of a sudden, here it is, the end of the summer and not much has really changed (well...our house is a little cleaner).

    In any event, the summer of 2006 for me has been pretty much focused on houses and playing with my son Shaun. No exotic vacations for me, I'm afraid...though next week I'll be off on a business trip to Boston, followed a few weeks later by a trip to San Francisco. And then it will be almost time for my favorite holiday...Halloween!!! But for those looking for new stories before the haunting season, there is good news on the John Everson fiction front to report...including a new Polish connection! Check it out:

    Candy in the Dumpster gets rave reviews!
    {+} CANDY IN THE DUMPSTER, a collection of 12 "new and used" stories from four Chicago horror writers -- Jay Bonansinga, Bill Breedlove, John Everson (er...me) and Martin Mundt, has gotten some great reviews over the past few weeks since its release. While Jay has been working on an independent film this summer, Marty, Bill and I, along with Mort Castle, who penned the introduction, appeared at the World Horror Con in in San Francisco in May and at Chicago's Printers Row Festival in June to promote the book. You can get the full scoop on Candy at www.darkartsbooks.com.

    Candy in the DumpsterDread Central called Candy "One of the best collections of the year by four remarkably warped individuals. .." And Issue #14 of Horror Fiction Review says "Candy in the Dumpster is a best bet for fans who like horror stories with bits of sick humor thrown in..." You can read the full reviews of Candy in the Dumpster at:
    * MaximumHorrors.com
    * DreadCentral. com
    * Creature-Corner. com

    {+} In addition to the Candy in the Dumpster review, Maximum Horrors has also posted an interview with me about Candy as well as my books Covenant and Failure.

    Going Polish!
    {+} Fahrenheit #53 , Poland's online magazine of sci-fi, fantasy and horror has published a Polish translation of my short story "The Right Instrument" which also appears in my dark fantasy short story collection Vigilantes of Love. If you can read Polish (I can't!) check it out in issue #53.

    New stories coming in anthologies about WW II and Kolchak: The Night Stalker
    Earlier this year, I wrote stories that will appear in two anthologies due to be released this fall:
    {+} My story "The Devil's Platoon" will appear in an anthology from Silverthought Press called A Dark And Deadly Valley. The book is a collection of "alternate history" horror stories revolving around the World War II and will also feature stories from Gary Braunbeck, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Rick Hautala, Mort Castle, Scott Nicholson, Weston Osche, Harry Shannon, Bev Vincent and many more.

    {+} My story "The Strange Events at Vishnu Springs" will appear in Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook , an anthology of short stories set in the world of the original "Night Stalker" TV series. I'm really excited about this story -- it's an 11,000 word novelette, and I had a lot of fun writing it. I watched "The Night Stalker" every week while it ran on TV when I was a kid, and it made an indelible impression on me. So I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this project, and ecstatic when my story was accepted! The book can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.com. It will be issued by Moonstone and also includes tales from Christopher Golden, John Ostrander, Robert J. Randisi, Pierce Askegren, Mike Baron, Rachel Caine, Mark Dawidziak, Tom DeFalco, P.N. Elrod, Joe Gentile, Elizabeth Massie, Gary Phillips, James Reasoner, Richard Dean Starr.
  • May 20, 2006: A week ago, the final parties of World Horror Con 2006 were just ramping up...hard to believe my time in San Francisco flew by so fast. Not to mention the week after. I only finally got my suitcase put away today! Tonight, I finally posted my brief summary of some of the con hightlights for me, as well as scads of pix. Check it out.
  • May 8, 2006: Well, it was starting to get a bit ulcer-inducing there, but today at 3 p.m., I finally picked up the first project of my new publishing imprint, Dark Arts Books. You can read more about the formation of the imprint at www.darkartsbooks.com. But the key point is, Candy in the Dumpster, a four-author anthology of Chicago horror authors featuring work from me, Bill Breedlove, Jay Bonansinga, Martin Mundt and an introduction by Mort Castle at last made it off the press to my suitcase today so that it can debut at World Horror 2006. I've got lots of things scheduled for the con; here's a brief rundown:

    My Schedule:

    May 11 - 8 p.m.: Borderlands Bookstore Signing
    May 11 - 11 p.m.: Reading - Morbid Curiousity Open Mic
    May 12 - 3:30 p.m.:
    Pitch Session
    May 12 - 5 p.m.:
    Candy in the Dumpster Signing - Twilight Tales Table in the Dealers Room
    May 12 - 8-10 p.m.:
    Mass Signing
    May 13 -10:30 a.m.: Interview with "Purification Process"
    May 13 -11:30 a.m.: Reading of "Pumpkin Head" and an excerpt of Failure
    May 13 -2 p.m.: Pitch Session
    May 13 - 3 p.m.: Panelist - Marketing and Promotion for Authors
    May 13 - 4 p.m.: Moderator: New Masters of Horror Film
    May 13 - 9 p.m.: Panelist - Hauntings
  • FAILURE IMPRINTJanuary 25, 2006: I wrote the original story "There Were No Bullets in the Gun," eventually retitled Failure, three summers ago now. In the fall of 2004, after Delirium Books agreed to publish it as the debut volume in a new "hardcover chapbook" series, I also created cover art for the book, using a wild mix of photos I took when I was in Philadelphia a year ago, some bullets and a gun from my dad's, a bit of roadkill (yep - that's real blood on that cover!) and more. Shane Staley, the publisher at Delirium liked my cover work so much that he also contracted me to do the cover for the next title in the series as well, Patrick Lestewka's Imprint. And the "prison" story of Imprint gave me a great reason to dig out and use some photos I took the last time I was on vacation in San Francisco and visited Alcatraz. And of course, I had to use a photo of my long-wielded trusty hammer!

    This past week, at long last, Failure finally hit the streets (get your copies now!!!) And Lestewka's book was also announced, so both titles are floating around in the ether now! You can see full versions of the covers in my Artwork area, but I've posted the thumbnails here. It looks like I'll be designing more covers in the Delirium hardcover chapbook series, and I'm looking forward to it. These were fun collages to create.
  • January 1, 2006: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    ShaunIt's actually New Year's Eve as I  write this on my laptop on the couch,  watching the "return of Dick Clark" New Year's Eve countdown show (there's a zombie movie inherent in Clark's return, isn't there?) As I watched all the "top moments of the past year and the past decade" shows tonight, I had to reflect back on my own experiences over the past 12 months. And 2005 was a year of amazing personal highs for me. Of course, at the top of the list was the birth of my son Shaun, in July. Taking care of that tiny life from his first moments to today, almost six months later, has been the best, most fulfilling time of my life. There is nothing more gratifying in life than to see that little face break into a giant grin just because he's happy to see you walk into the room.

    Ironically, just three weeks before Shaun was born, I had the biggest success so far in my fiction career as well, when my novel Covenant won a Bram Stoker award for first novel. Attending the award ceremony weekend in California was an exciting thing all by itself even without  coming home with the award; I was able to talk there with Clive Barker, David Morrell and had Chuck Palahniuk sit in during my reading from the opening chapters of Covenant.  Chuck's live reading of his story "Guts" was one of the highlights of the weekend.

    John - Trib article photoAfter winning the Stoker award, I experienced what it's like to be on the other side of the reporter's notebook for the next few weeks. I was a journalism major in college, and have done countless interviews  for various newspapers and magazines over the past 20 years with everyone from schoolboard presidents and municipal mayors to entertainment personalities like Jay Leno and Gwen Stefani. But until this summer, I had never been the subject of an interview. I got some great writeups in the Chicago Tribune, Southtown Economist and other papers, and even went down to a  Chicago studio for an Internet radio interview,  but I must admit I found that I prefer being the interviewer, rather than the interviewee!

     Over the summer, the 18th annual YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR anthology appeared in bookstores, and I was honored to have "The Beginning Was the End," one of my stories that appeared in Black October magazine in 2004, noted in the  book's "honorable mention" list.

    Aside from attending the Stoker Awards weekend last year, I spent a media overload week at the South By Southwest Music and  Film convention in Austin, TX in March (which I covered for The Star Newspapers) and  also attended the World Horror Convention in New York in April , and the World Fantasy Convention  in Madison, WI,  in November.

    The Occult Detective  At the World Fantasy Convention,  a book that I designed and laid out for Twilight Tales Books  -- Robert Weinberg's The Occult Detective --  was debuted. It features one of the best covers and layouts I've done, and it was great to see it hit the stands.  Shortly after WFC, I turned my design sights in early December on a revamped web site for author Brian Keene, which you can see at www.briankeene.com.

    With all the things that happened , I'm  a little sad to see 2005 close. As 2006 begins, it will be mighty tough to top 2005 for me! But I am starting the year out with a bang. I'm currently in the midst of doing some major rewrite work on a young adult book  about goblins that I originally wrote several years ago, in hopes that it will finally find a home this year. And then I've got a couple new adult novel ideas I'd like to begin developing.

    Failure In just a week or two, my novella Failure will hit the shelves from Delirium Books. And a short story I wrote for the Delirium Books tribute anthology edited by Brian Keene will finally hit the shelves as a part of In Delirium. However, the  anthology sold out on pre-orders, so if you didn't order a copy in 2005, it will be tough to put your hands on one!

     I'm also hoping to be able to announce news about the future of Covenant 's sequel soon. The novel is called Sacrifice , and is a different kind of book than its predecessor, taking Covenant 's lead character on a dangerous roadtrip on the heels of a sexual serial killer. It was great fun to write and allowed me to re-visit some of my favorite cities (at least in my head!).

    Back in the fall, I was asked  by editor Mort Castle  to write a chapter covering the current state of the small press for an update of the HWA / Writer's Digest book  Writing Horror.  I wrote that piece in October, and t he book will be out later in 2006. Over the  past few weeks I've also  been asked to contribute stories to a  handful of anthologies that will appear  in 2006 , and I also wrote a short essay on Shaun's birth for the next issue of  Morbid Curiousity magazine . So I'll be updating you on those and other projects in the coming weeks.

    It's now nearing midnight, and I'm going to close the lid on this note and pour one more drink for the countdown. Thanks to all of you for your support and friendship over the past year. Here's to 2006!
  • November 7, 2005: World Fantasy Con 2005 is now history, but you can read my quick travelogue of all the old friends I saw and new friends met, along with some pictures in my WFC2005 Con Report.
  • October 2 7, 2005: Tonight I pulled up outside the Acorn Public Library in Oak Forest, IL and the white-lit sign outside proclaimed: Horror Author, October 27, 7 p.m.

    Wow...there it was, my name up in lights...oh wait a minute - my name wasn't there. Oh well, I knew it meant me! I walked in and found my hostess, who gave me a wonderful introduction to the small, but appreciative audience, and she also found a way to turn the lights down so the whole thing could be more "spooky" as I read. There were 8 or 9 adults and an equal number of kids 8-10 years old. The kids didn't last through the whole presentation, but the adults were very into the session.

    This week, I was prepared for kids. Last week, when I visited the Homer Public Library to "read some spooky stories and talk about writing horror" I wasn't really ready for a room full of young teens. We had fun, don't get me wrong -- I read "The Right Instrument" from Vigilantes of Love and a new story, "The Pumpkin Man," but I was nervous the whole time that I was going to read something "too extreme" for the younger kids in the audience. Plus, I had gotten to Homer a couple minutes late because I'd been caught at a police line near the Cal-Sag canal and thought for awhile that I was going to miss the show entirely -- a junkyard fire had closed off the only road going south into Homer from my house...so when I got to the library, finally, I was a little rattled.

    This week at Oak Forest, I was better prepared for the kids, if not bizarre traffic problems (since I already had done "The Right Instrument" and "The Pumpkin Man" without inciting a parental riot, I was more confident this week that they were ok to read). Tonight I gave the group a quick synopses of how I got started writing, and what led to my three books, and then read "The Right Instrument." There were several "ahhhhs" and "Twilight Zone" comments at the twist ending, and after answering a couple questions, I read "The Pumpkin Man." This one lost the younger kids, but the rest of the crowd loved it, and we talked a little while afterwards about it and some of my other work. Then I asked if they wanted one more ghost story and everyone seemed eager, so I read "The Tapping" from Spooks! My voice was a little dry at this point (I've been fighting a headcold all week) but I got some good laughs at the early funny bits, and the room was quiet as a crypt for the building creepiness of the story.

    After a few more questions, we called it a night, and the group filed out after buying a couple books and taking some bookmarks and "writers tips" sheets that I'd brought along. It was really a fun night! The crowd was small, but definitely into the experience of sitting down and listening to some ghost stories -- they seemed to really enjoy the tales, which made it all the more fun to perform them.

    Next up on the Halloween Tour...Frugal Muse Books on Saturday!

  • September 18, 2005: With the birth of my son, Shaun Austin on July 15, I've been a little too...busy...to update this journal...but there's been lots going on. I've had a bunch of press hit on my winning the HWA Bram Stoker award, and have a lined up a long list of appearances for October and November.

    Yesterday, I was a book signing guest at the Gothic Fest at the Villa Park Odeum Expo Center. I had a great time, sold a few books, made some new friends and enjoyed some amazing up-and-coming bands. My friend Jim Leonardo stopped by to help promote my signing schedule by passing out promo cards while Blair and the gang at Dark Star Records hosted me at an add-on table; they were all great to hang out with during the 13-hour event. I finally met and quaffed a couple beers with Grave Grrrls Comics founder Scott Licina, better known in Chicago as "Vlad" the vampiric leader of '90s band The Dark Theater, and Michelle Belanger, former editor of Shadowdance magazine -- the 3 of us found we had many old friends in common. I also met fellow Red Scream Magazine contributor Gashley Darcane, who was womanning the Red Scream table (unfortunately the magazines were delayed in shipping and didn't make the expo). I finally met Gwen of Grigori 3, who has been an occasional e-mail pal for a year or two now. Her band, along with Rachael's Surrender and Ghost Orgy were among the highlights of the 20 acts that played over the course of the day. I can't wait until next year! Check out some pictures taken throughout the day.
  • September 15, 2005: This week kicks off the official "John Everson Halloween 2005 Tour!" Seriously, I have more events lined up over the next 2 mos. than I usually have it a year...it's gonna be great! Here's the lineup:

    October 17: I'll be doing a Live Fiction Reading at 7:30 p.m upstairs at the Red Lion Pub (at Lincoln & Fullerton in Chicago) as part of the Twilight Tales Spookfest show. For more information, check www.twilighttales.com.

    October 20 : I'll be doing a Live Fiction Reading and a talk about horror writing at the Homer Township Public Library in Homer Glen, IL at 7:00 p.m.

    October 27 : I'll be doing a Live Fiction Reading and a talk about horror writing at the Acorn Public Library in Oak Forest, IL at 7:00 p.m.

    October 29: I'll be doing a live reading and a book signing at my local bookstore -- Frugal Muse Books -- from 5-7 p.m. The store is at 75th St. and Lemont Rd., Darien, IL.

    November 3-6: I'll be attending (and hopefully participating in programming at) the World Fantasy Convention in Madison, WI.

    November 9: I'll be doing a Live Fiction Reading and a talk about horror writing at the Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien, IL at 7:00 p.m.

    November 7-21: I'll be a guest on Q&A sessions on both the All Things Zombie (Nov. 7-12) and Carnival of Wicked Writers (Nov 14-21) Message Boards....more on those later!

  • July 1, 2005: A week ago, I was on my way to Los Angeles to attend the HWA Stoker Awards weekend. I really didn't believe that I'd be returning with a statuette honoring Covenant in the "First Novel" category!!! Over the past week, I've had dozens of e-mails from friends and acquaintances from around the world, and talked with newspaper reporters about this amazing honor. Read about my full experience at (and see some cool pix of) the Stoker Weekend.
  • April 17, 2005: A week ago at this time, I was nursing a headache and sitting in a World Horror Board Meeting in New York City. A couple panels and a three-hour walk around the city later and I headed home...but it's taken me a week to catch up and put together my con report. It's finally online now, with a bunch of pictures. Check it out at WHC2005.
  • April 2, 2005: Wow...just...wow!

    What a month. Yesterday, the Horror Writers Association announced the Final Ballot for the 2004 Bram Stoker Awards -- and my novel Covenant (Delirium Books) was nominated in the "First Novel" category, along with Black Fire by James Kidman (Leisure) Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas (Night Shade Books) and Stained by Lee Thomas (Wildside Press). It was also announced that my publisher, Delirium Books, will receive the 2004 Specialty Press Award for its contribution to the horror genre.

    I had a flurry of e-mails from my friends in the genre yesterday; I'm truly honored that Covenant  appears on the ballot and want to publicly thank everyone who read and recommended the book...this is an amazing honor! I've been lucky to have works appear on the Preliminary Ballot for the Stoker Awards in the past, but this is the first time my work has made it to the Final Ballot.

    Over the next  few weeks, active members of HWA will vote on  horror works in a variety of categories , from Novel, First Novel and Anthology, to Short and Long Fiction  (see www.horror.org/stokerballots.htm ) . The 2005 HWA Annual Conference and Stoker Banquet will be held in Los Angeles, June 24-26 at the Hilton Burbank Hotel & Convention Center.

    At the moment, I'm gearing up to attend the World Horror Convention  in New York City this coming weekend, April 7-10. If you're attending the con, I hope you'll come to my reading on Saturday night, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be reading yet -- possibly an excerpt from Covenant  or possibly my new short story "The Strong Will Survive," which just came out this week in Space And Time Magazine #99...or...both!  I'll also be at the WHC mass autograph signing, participating on a panel on "Building a Fan Base" and moderating two other panels -- one on "A Career in Short Fiction" with Ellen Datlow, Gary Braunbeck and more and another on "Starting a Small Press" featuring the founding publishers from Necessary Evil Press, Earthling, Twilight Tales and more. My full schedule for the con is on my home page: www.johneverson.com.  

    In addition to all this fiction activity, I spent eight days in March in Austin, Texas, covering the South By Southwest Music and Film Festival for The Star Newspapers. After seeing nearly 20 films and almost 40 bands, I dragged myself home, a media sponge dripping with oversaturation! My articles on the event ran in The Star over the past couple weeks, but you can read my coverage with extra pictures on my "Pop Stops" archive Web site at www.popstops.net.
  • February 6, 2005: I've pretty much devoted ever spare minute of the past month to redesigning this Dark Arts Web site, which went live this week. I didn't realize til I dug in that I had about 70 pages of content lurking about through various subsections on the site, so it took a lot longer to pour everything into the new format than I anticipated! (Geri started to wonder if she still had a husband somewhere). If you never saw the "old" site, here's what I laid to rest:

    Old Dark Arts site I liked the old "black" Dark Arts site, but there was a lot of text on it, and white text on black is not the easiest to read. It looked like this screenshot for a couple years, so it was time for a change. Plus, for the Webgeeks in the crowd, I was really using the 2005 redesign as an excuse to learn a new coding methodology -- complete design via CSS. Lots of people use CSS to format their text, but the entire shape and design of this site is driven by a single stylesheet... there is only one page of content on this entire site now that has a "table" holding the content (brownie points for anyone who finds it, LOL.)

    This site has some new Reviews of my novel Covenant, samples of my fiction, archives of my horror movie and "dark" music columns for various publications (see the "Articles" section) and much more.

    Also, this week Twilight Tales posted my  Poe-esque story "The Tapping" from the Spooks! anthology  on their Web site as a free sample  to encourage people to buy  the book.
  • CovenantDecember 19, 2004: I can't believe the end of the year has rolled around so fast! But here it is...less than two weeks from 2005. I hope you all have a great Christmas, and look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!

    It's been an incredible year for me; my first horror novel, Covenant, came out last month from Delirium Books, and in October, Twilight Tales published an anthology I co-edited and designed with Tina L. Jens called Spooks!

    I've also had stories appear this year in the magazines Black October, Feral Fiction and Sinisteria and in the anthologies DAMNED:An Anthology of the Lost, Small Bites and Peepshow Vol. 1.

    To celebrate the season, I've posted some special holiday offerings this year on this site. I've made up a computer wallpaper from a digital photo I took of a Christmas-lighted bush in my front yard, as well as posted an MP3 of a Christmas song I wrote and recorded a few years ago. I've also posted a free short story.

    A few years ago, I wrote a Christmas story about a kid raised in a family with a ghostly aunt where magic was the rule of thumb...but for the holiday, they all pledged to give up magic and do things "the hard way." (There's some reverse Christian philosophy in there somehow). I printed it as a chapbook for family and friends, and it ultimately ended up in my Vigilantes of Love short story collection.

    Anyway, I've posted it for anyone who wants a (hopefully) warm, but genre-oriented holiday read. Check it out at: www.johneverson.com/christmas-the-hard-way.htm

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!
  • August 23, 2004:
    I may only start updating this journal after cons!!! I've now "semi-recovered" from Horrorfind 2004, and my personal log of my time spent there (with pix) is now online.
  • April 21, 2004:
    I've semi-recovered from WHC 2004, and my personal log of my time spent there (with pix) is now online. I've traveled a lot over the past few weeks, attending the South By Southwest festival in Austin (my travelogue of that weeklong-event appears in the April 1 entry on my Pop Stops site) as well as attending a business meeting in Orlando right after WHC 2004, where I was able to stay over an extra day and see Necro Publications' Dave Barnett spin goth-techno all night at his Club Necropolis. I'm planning to get back to focusing on writing, not travelling in May.
  • November 15, 2003:
    As usual, I've let nearly half a year slip by without writing here. Not that a lot hasn't gone on. I recently had the (?) pleasure (?) of spending eight days in San Diego on business, and arrived just about a day before the worst brush fires in San Diego history broke out. One night I went to bed and everything was summery and fine, and the next morning when I left my hotel, the sky was grey-orange, the air smelled like the inside of a chimney and the streets were covered with a fine layer of ash. It made for a surreal week!

    The summertime seemed devoted to home repairs (had all the siding replaced and the bathroom renovated). But I also wrote a couple of long-ish pieces. "The Green, Green Glass of Bone" was written and accepted for the Necro Publications' Damned anthology, due out early in 2004. And I also spent a lot of the latter days of summer working on a new horror-dark fantasy piece, "The Char-Lee," which ended up clocking in at over 11,000 words. I've also been busy doing initial reads for Spooks, the next anthology from Twilight Tales, which I'm co-editing with Tina Jens.

    Haven't had a lot of things hit print lately, but one of my favorite pieces, written a couple years ago, did come out at the end of the summer. "Spirits Having Flown" was published in the Karen Joy Fowler-edited anthology MOTA 3: Courage, from Triple Tree Publishing. It's a well-done literary fantasy anthology that I highly recommend.

    Shocklines created a John Everson store this summer, so now you can order anything of mine currently in print - be it in a magazine, anthology or one of my books - from the same place. Check it out!

    Looking forward...I'm hoping that 2004 will be a fresh new year...it seems that I've spent a lot of 2003 polishing and archiving my various works of the past 15 years. In the Spring, I completely revamped both my johneverson.com and popstops.net music column Web sites (the column celebrated its 15 year anniversary this summer). I also spent much of August doing a redesign for Delirium Books (I was just itching to be Web-creative, I guess).

    Earlier this fall, I spent a week closeted away in the Wisconsin North Woods in order to re-edit my first novel, Covenant (formerly under the working title The Cliff), so that it would be ready to come out on Delirium Books next year. I actually finished the first draft of that book about five years ago and got halfway through a sequel last year.

    I spent last weekend recording all my old song demo tapes from the '90s to digital format, so I could archive nearly 100 music tracks created over the past 15 years onto CD. And this week, I converted all my old "dark music" review columns from Wetbones, Talebones and Midnight Hour to HTML to archive on this site (see Articles).

    So I've dwelt enough on sorting and archiving the past...it seems to be about time to look ahead! Here's to 2004!
  • June 8, 2003:
    Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Chicago's Printers Row Book Fair, where the streets teemed with eager book collectors surrounding dozens of tents and tables of local booksellers peddling both old collectible volumes and new small press releases. Twilight Tales sponsored a table, and I did a signing with Robert Weinberg from 2-4 p.m. It was a kick to sign and sell a handful of books to passersby who had no idea who I or Twilight Tales was, but it was even more fun to sit and talk to Bob about his career and experiences. A couple hours after the signing, he won a Stoker Award for his recent comic book work (he didn't get to accept the award, however -- the Stokers were given out in New York City). I also got to chat a bit with Chicago area novelists Jay Bonansinga, Robert Walker and Joe Konrath, which was great fun. Tomorrow night, Twilight Tales will host a debut party to celebrate the release of my collection Vigilantes of Love.

    Last month, I drove up to Madison, WI, for WisCon, an excellent feminist SF convention - perhaps the most organized con I've ever seen! My main reason for going was to read an excerpt from "Spirits Having Flown," a story of mine which will appear in Karen Joy Fowler's MOTA 3: Courage anthology, due from Triple Tree Publishing this fall. It was a thrill to meet Karen, as well as Terri Windling, and to hear Ursula LeGuin talk on her writing career. Just the week before WisCon, I'd been up in Boston on business and dropped off a handful of copies of Vigilantes of Love to Pandemonium Books, where I found an old Pulphouse copy of Karen's "War of the Roses" on the shelf. I picked it up in Boston, and a few days later in Madison, she signed it for me after our MOTA reading (which ended with a toast of glasses of champagne!) Turned out I was the only reader out of eight who hadn't attended a Clarion Writer's Workshop (not that I hadn't wanted to). Weird!
  • April 27, 2003:
    Last week's Kansas City World Horror Convention seemed a much calmer con in many ways than past instances, perhaps because it was raining and hailing outside most of the weekend, or perhaps because a lot of key players were absent - old friends like P.D. Cacek, Gerard Houarner, Linda Addison, Shane Ryan Staley and GAK, among many others, couldn't make the con. But it still was a good time. Click here for pictures and my personal con report.
  • April 14, 2003:
    Well, I've been thinking about it for years, but last week, I finally did it. Registered my own domain name — johneverson.com — studied the basics of Web style sheets, and then, over last weekend, completely redesigned this site and uploaded it to a new home. It's still a little rough this morning, but overall, I think it's a solid (and long overdue) update! Of course, now I'm anxious to revamp the Pop Stops site, which really looks old now...but that's going to take quite a bit longer. There are 7 years worth of weekly columns to update on that site!

    But what about my writing? I have been busy on that front over the past several months, which is part of the reason this site fell into disarray. In November, I took part in National Novel Writing Month, and got 50,000 words of a new novel called SACRIFICE on the page. It was an intense month of focus and long hours (I was sick most of December from the effort!) but I'm looking forward to finishing and polishing the manuscript this summer.

    Over the past month, I've been working with Twilight Tales in Chicago to pull together, edit and publish a new collection of my short stories, called Vigilantes of Love. The cover art is a collage of photos that I've taken in various locales over the past few years, so both the look and the content of the book are truly mine, which is exciting. And the title story was actually written the weekend the book went to press (don't you just love last-minute inspiration?). The book debuts at the end of this week at World Horror Convention 2003.
  • May 25 , 2002:
    Wow...a lot to catch up on. My last post here was more than six months ago...just about the time I got involved in helping out with the 2002 World Horror Convention. I took on the job of Publications Editor for the con, and that soaked up most of my free time from December-April. You can read about some of my experiences there and see some pictures from the con on my WHC 2002 Redux page. You can also read my reports on spending a week in March attending the South By Southwest Convention in Austin, Texas, and on spending some time in Boston and Seattle in April. Over the past few months, I've also been tinkering with incidental music to be used by Lone Wolf Publications on its upcoming Carnival CD-ROM anthology. So...while I haven't been writing much fiction, I've sure been busy! Things have finally settled down enough that I can catch this site and my Pop Stops columns archives up, and get back to doing some story writing.

    In my last post, I wrote about getting accepted in the Twilight Tales anthology Freaks, Geeks and Other Sideshow Floozies with the story "...And Then Some." Things got interesting the next month -- I wrote another story about the same circus with appearances by a couple of the same characters from "...And Then Some." I read that story -- "After the Fifth Step" -- at Twilight Tales, one of the editors heard it, and wanted to publish it in Freaks as well. Ultimately, I wrote a "capping" piece at the editors' request in January/February and turned it into a trilogy. So now my 13,000 word circus opus "Love and Sex and Rope and Dreams: A Circus in Three Acts" (including "...and Then Some," "After the Fifth Step" and "Birth and Death") closes the Freaks volume, which had a sneak preview debut at the 2002 World Horror Convention. The official version of the book (a limited rough run was done for the con) should be out in a month or so.

    In addition to selling the three-in-one story cycle to Freaks , my Nativity rewrite "Mary" appeared in February in Delirium Books' controversial Dark Testament anthology. And "Anniversary," a story which appeared in Dead of Night magazine in 1995 and in my collection Cage of Bones in 2000 was reprinted in the Prime Books anthology Tourniquet Heart this month. And just this morning, I received word from editor Monica O'Rourke, that two of the stories that were original to Cage -- "Dead Girl on the Side of the Road" and "Bloodroses" -- will appear in the upcoming Flesh & Blood Press anthologies Decadence II and Decadence III . (The first volume came out through Prime Books.)

  • November 18 , 2001:
    Two sales to report: A story I wrote specifically for the Twilight Tales anthology Freaks, Geeks and Other Sideshow Floozies has been accepted for the book. "...And Then Some" will hit the streets when Freaks debuts at the 2002 World Horror Convention. I also recently placed a story called "The Strong Will Survive" in Space and Time magazine. Look for that to appear in a year or so. In other news...I've survived the first two rounds of Delirium Books ' "Gross-Out" contest, and a new story is currently in competition in the third round of that round robin style tournament. Check it out...if you dare!

    A Cool Review: In its December 2001 issue, Asimov's Science Fiction magazine ran a short review of my fiction collection, Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions . Here's what it said:

    John Everson has to be congratulated for having the courage of his nightmares. Not every writer would be able to convert his most freakish and kinkiest imaginings into neatly plotted narratives as Everson does here. In Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsession s (Delirium, hc, $29.00, 190 pp.), Everson plonks down a platter of twenty bloody psychosexual gobbets-almost half not previously published-with revealing introductions about his methods and goals. Just one example of the kind of material on display here: "Pumpkin Head" concerns the masturbatory Halloween habits of a young lad and the unlucky consequences of his defilements. Can you say "the Stephen King version of American Pie" ? --Paul Di Filippo

  • September 23 , 2001:
    Seattle may be just a memory now, but Chicago looms just around the corner. Yep, the 2002 World Horror Convention is in my backyard, and over the summer I volunteered to help out with its organization. Consequently, this weekend I found myself sitting down with a spreadsheet figuring out what will be appearing in the souvenir program book for the con...and who will write it! WHC 2002 Program Book Editor, that's my new title! I'm looking forward to it...I haven't had the chance to really "put together" a book before, despite having years of experience doing magazines, so this should be fun.

    Not a lot to report about new fiction sales over the past couple months. "Stars on the Beach," a story I wrote specifically for Delirium Books' The Dead Inn 2 anthology was accepted there (whew!) The story actually was written in longhand partially on a beach -- between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Miami Beach in February. I didn't finish it until last month, however. That's the only recent sale to report. In other Delirium news, my story "Sacrificing Virgins," which originally appeared in The Dead Inn , recently won a bout in the first tier of a Delirium-sponsored round-robin style "gross-out" contest (the story garnered 76 votes. My competitor, Eric S. Brown, pulled in 45). I'll likely be submitting another Delirium-published tale for the second round of the contest, which begins October 1.

    My story "Mutilation Street" came out early this summer in Bloodtype , a Lone Wolf Publications CD-ROM anthology, which also features a "theme song" that I wrote and recorded for the disc ( hear an excerpt in MP3 format). Publisher Brian Hopkins liked my music enough that he asked me to score future Lone Wolf titles...the result of that is that I've signed on to do music for Lone Wolf's upcoming Carnival CD-ROM anthology. My story "Anniversary," was sold as a reprint awhile back to the Tourniquet Heart anthology, which was originally due out this year from the publisher of Nasty Snips (where my story "Mirror Image" first appeared). Tourniquet Heart has been delayed however, until 2002. The good news is that it has been picked up for wider distribution (in both hardcover and softback) by Prime Books . Two of my stories appeared over the summer in the subscription-only web-based magazine 1000 Delights. "When Harris Wished For Rain" appeared in the June issue and "The Humane Way" appeared in September.

    Upcoming Appearances:
    I will be celebrating the Halloween season by participating in two special shows put on by the Twilight Tales gang next month:

    On October 19, I'll be appearing and reading from 6-8 p.m. at Spookfest! at The Stars Our Destination bookstore (705 Main St., Evanston, IL). The program will also include: Rick R. Reed, Michael Oliveri, Kimberly O'Lone, Carrie Channell, Jerry Gilio & Andrea Dubnick.

    On October 29, I'll be appearing and reading at the Twilight Tales "Halloween Monster Bash" from 8-11 p.m. at at the Red Lion Pub (2446 N. Lincoln Ave.). This special 3-hour Twilight Tales Reading Series Horror Event will include door prizes, an auction of cool horror stuff, and will include readings by Carrie Channell, Bill Breedlove, John Everson, Edward DeGeorge, Rick R. Reed, Jerry Gilio & Andrea Dubnick.

  • June 3, 2001:
    Seattle's World Horror Convention 2001 has come and gone.
    Click Here for my full report!

  • April 18, 2001:
    Haven't updated in awhile, sorry! For those wondering about what's gone on since early February, my reading at Twilight Tales in February went well -- I read "Dead Girl At The Side of the Road" from Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions . I sold a couple copies of the book that night too! Over the past couple months I've also appeared at a book signing at Evanston, IL's Stars Our Destination bookstore and placed some copies with Evanston's Something Wicked bookstore as well. Both Cage and one of its stories, "Bloodroses," made the preliminary ballot for the Horror Writers Association (HWA) Stoker awards in February. Unfortunately, neither made the cut for the final ballot which is out now. I did recently become an Active member of HWA, so this year I'll be voting in the Stoker race.

    In less exciting news, I was promoted at work in February, and unfortunately the transition has left me precious little time to write fiction over the past few weeks. Hence the lag time on this journal as well. On a plus note, I also renovated my home office last month -- so now my writing space is more conducive to creativity...if I can just find the time to spend there! I do have some new work hitting the shelves. "Sacrificing Virgins" has just come out in the Delirium Books anthology The Dead Inn . And I have recently sold a couple of stories I wrote in 1999-2000; "When Harris Wished For Rain" and "The Humane Way" will both appear on the 1000Delights.com site later this year. I will be attending the World Horror Convention in Seattle at the end of May, so if you're going to be there too...say hi!

  • February 3, 2001:
    I just was reading an interview with Charlee Jacob on the Twilight Showcase website and saw that she gave me a plug!!

    The showcase asked her:
    Among the newer voices in fiction, who do you enjoy reading?
    and she responded: "Tom Picirilli, Gerard Houarner, Lucy Taylor, John Everson, Kurt Newton, Steve Beai, many more."

    I felt so honored because I love Charlee's work! Read the entire interview at www.twilightshowcase.com/jacob.htm .

    I'm now just a week away from my reading appearance at Chicago's Twilight Tales reading series' annual "Red Light" night. Let the jitters begin!

  • January 14, 2001:
    My first story finished in the new year is...sold! Yep, "Mutilation Street," a story I finished tweaking on January 7th and put in the mail on the 8th was accepted for publication in the CD-ROM anthology Bloodtype , a hardcore horror anthology, from Lone Wolf Publications. The project will be signed and numbered and is due out in early summer. I got word last night from editor Michael Laimo . The collection will also include authors like P.D. Cacek , Teri Jacobs, K.K. Ormond, James S. Dorr, Gerard Houarner and more.

  • January 11, 2001:
    A new year already? Seems hard to believe. And all the vacation time I took around the holidays aimed towards polishing off two different novel drafts seemed to just evaporate. I ended up only producing a couple of short stories and never got near the books. On the positive side, last week I was invited to be the guest on a Writer-To-Writer chat through AOL. The transcript of that session is now available through iUniverse .

    Delirium Books has begun producing dustjackets for my fiction collection Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions . (Delirium previously issued their books simply with gold embossed covers.) The dustjackets look great and anyone who bought a copy of the book in the last weeks of 2000 without a dustjacket can simply e-mail the publisher to get one.

    I'll be doing two readings from the book next month:
    On February 12 I'll read at the Twilight Tales reading series' annual "Red Light" night, and

    On February 17 I'll be appearing in Evanston at The Stars Our Destination bookstore.

  • December 10, 2000:
    It's been a great week for my mailbox!

    I received my contributor's copies of the new Canadian TransVersions anthology, which puts my short story "Calling of the Moon" in the company of fiction by Nebula Award winners Robert J. Sawyer and Bruce Holland Rogers. The book also includes fiction and poetry from Jack Fisher, Rebecca M. Senese, Denise Dumars, Steven Sawicki, Nancy Bennett, Don Hornbostel and many more. For ordering information and photos of the "launch" of the anthology at Sci-Fi World (near Toronto) over Thanksgiving weekend, check the TransVersions web site. This week I also received my hardcover contributor's copy of t. winter-damon & Randy Chandler's Duet For The Devil, which I copy edited over the summer for Necro Publications .

    Last month, I gave a reading of "Dead Girl On The Side of the Road" and "Bloodroses" at the Twilight Tales fiction reading series in downtown Chicago, which went well. Both stories are from my new Delirium Books collection Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions , which has received a couple of recommendations for inclusion on the preliminary ballot for the HWA Stoker Awards (as has "Bloodroses"). I was nervous before doing the reading, but once at the microphone, with a silent room seeming to hang on every word (and laughter that came at all the right places during "Dead Girl"), I relaxed and really enjoyed the experience. I will likely be giving another reading there in February 2001. I will also be promoting the book early next year as a guest on an AOL Writers Club "Writer to Writer" chat and at The Stars Our Destination book store in Evanston.

    Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions cover

  • October 10, 2000:
    My first hardcover collection is now available!
    Just in time for Friday the 13th AND Halloween, Delirium Books has released Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions , a hardcover collection of my more extreme short horror fiction -- both new and previously published -- with the interior color art shown here . You can read all about it and order it through the Delirum web site at www.deliriumbooks.com. I gave a reading of "Bloodroses," one of the book's new stories during the World Horror Convention this past spring in Denver, and will be doing another at the Twilight Tales horror reading series on November 13th at the Red Lion in Chicago.

    My summer seems to have slid away into a blurred abyss thanks to moving (we moved in July but the two months leading up to and away from it seemed to include nothing but work, boxing, painting, contracts, more painting unboxing and, of course, work). However, one other bit of publishing news did come about over the summer. My story "Dragon's Teeth" appeared in a 7-Realms Publishing chapbook at DragonCon called Do Virgins Taste Better and Other Dragon Tales. The story is also slated to appear in the publisher's new magazine Realities Escape. And 7-Realms also recently bought my story "Frost" for a future chapbook publication.
  • May 29, 2000:
    I've spent the past few days packing and doing other preparations for an upcoming move, but I've also tinkered around with this web site. Hope you like the new look. After three years or more of the same design, it seemed past time to refresh things and try to improve the navigation; now you can always see all the areas of this site on the left hand button bar.

    I promised earlier in this journal that when I got a final version of the cover art for my upcoming collection, Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions from Delirium Books, that I'd post it here...see the top of this page! It's exactly what I wanted for this book, and my heartfelt thanks go out to artist Andrew Shorrock for working so closely with me to create it.

    An addendum to my May 24 World Horror Convention report: I just read Brian Keene's incredibly extensive coverage of his personal experience at the convention, and it is, without a doubt, the best con report I've ever read. The weird thing for me about reading his report was, I apparently was sitting right next to him on a couple occasions, but didn't know who he was...check out If We're Gonna Go to Hell, Might as Well Enjoy the Ride.

  • May 24, 2000:    
    It's been about two weeks now since I hopped a plane to Denver to attend my first World Horror Convention. I've put off writing about it, because I had no idea how to summarize it into a couple of paragraphs. But the memories are already fading, so here's a go at it:

    Probably the best thing about the con for me was meeting so many people in the horror community who I've corresponded with via letters and e-mail for years. I finally got to meet the queen of fringe, Jasmine Sailing , of CyberPsycho's AOD, a longtime e-pal, writer Michael Laimo, and editor/publisher Dave Barnett , of Necro Publications, who has bought three of my stories over the years and for whom I've copy edited a handful of hardcover book releases. I also met two of the authors whose work I've edited both for Necro and Delirium Books -- Gerard Houarner and Charlee Jacob . I met and talked several times with Patrick and Honna Swenson of Talebones , who I've just started writing a "Bug Music" column for, and Mike Paduana of Midnight Hour, who's picked up my "Shadows In Stereo" column. It's always a pleasure to talk with P.D. Cacek , who I saw dashing from one end of the hotel to the other several times. I got plenty of magazine business taken care of hanging around the Dark Regions table in the dealer's room with Joe and Bobbi Morey and Ken Wisman (we even contracted art for an upcoming cover and decided on some manuscript acceptances). And then there were all the new friends I made -- writers like John Platt , Elaine Moore, Jack Passarrella, Gemma Files and artists like GAK and Colleen Crary (the latter of whom illustrated the cover for my upcoming fiction collection Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions ; how weird it was to see that cover displayed for sale in the art dealer's room!) GAK, Crary, Barnett, Sailing and I all ended up at the Borderlands Book party on Friday night where I met Borderlands owner Alan Beatts , who I also ended up sitting with at the Stoker awards the next night. I spoke briefly with Leisure Books' Don D'Auria , ubiquitous editor Ellen Datlow , and horror scene chronicler Paula Guran and got to serve on a panel with one of my longtime favorite authors, Lucy Taylor . As it turned out, we were the ONLY ones who showed up to sit at the panel table (a great way to be introduced to being a panelist -- thank God Lucy knew what she was talking about!). I gave a reading of "Bloodsongs," a new story from my upcoming collection on Friday afternoon and had a handful of appreciative (I think) listeners. One of the highlights for me though was Neil Gaiman 's surprise attendance at the con and Saturday night reading of his upcoming children's book, a marathon session which lasted until 2 a.m. (he read 3 hours straight without a break!) It was a great weekend for me, and I've barely even touched on all the great people I spoke with there. Oh...and while I was hanging out Friday night at the Borderlands party, my name was being called out a few floors below -- my story "Lovesong" won 5th place in the WHC fiction contest.

    I can't wait 'til next year.

  • April 23, 2000:    
    My first "Bug Music" column for Talebones is now out in issue #18. Of course, that means it's time to sit down and write the next one <G>.

    Today I saw the first rough illustration ideas for the inside cover of my fiction collection, Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions , due this summer from Delirium Books . They look great -- I'll post the final one here as soon as it's finalized. Over the weekend I also finished a last-minute new story for the collection -- based on the imagery of the cover illustration. The artist, Andrew Shorrock, let me know what he was working on, and his description was so vivid that I found myself absentmindedly fashioning a story around it on my way to work last week -- the first time I've ever written a story inspired by a piece of art. And an unseen piece of art at that.
  • March 23, 2000:    
    I finally sent in my registration and made my plane reservations this past week for the May 2000 World Horror Convention in Denver. I'm pretty excited -- this is only going to be the second national convention I've attended (the first was the 1997 World Fantasy Convention here in Chicago). I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of the writers and editors that I've corresponded with via e-mail over the past few years. I'm also hoping the convention will help me with a lot of projects that I have in the works this year -- from my collection of erotic horror stories Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions coming out this summer from Delirium Books to my YA novel A Gathering of Goblins (currently on the shopping block) to my first horror novel, The Cliff, which I hope to begin marketing this year as well.

    I finally decided to take a good look at my story submissions log today to see how I fared in 1999 compared to previous years. Turns out I had a great year for fiction sales, though I didn't see a lot actually published last year. See my Totals table below if you're interested.

  • March 12, 2000:    
    This has been a week to celebrate for me, fiction-wise. I received a check yesterday for "Dragon's Teeth," the fourth tale in my occasional "goblin" series from Realities Escape magazine. At 3 cents a word, it qualifies as my first "pro rate" sale of fiction. The first three goblin tales appeared in the mid-'90s in Sirius Visions, and over Christmas I finished a 5th segment, a goblin novella which wraps up the series (or at least part one of it!). I'm currently shopping the collected tales around as a YA novel -- the stories were written serially, so they work just as well as a linear book as they do as five separate tales.

    I also recently sold one of the first stories I ever tried to write -- a "wild talent" science fiction tale called "Callinda." It's a story I started in high school but didn't brush off and finish until 4-5 years ago. It's been picked up by an anthology called Snakebite from the publisher of Dead Moon Tales, which is also publishing one of my other early stories, "Preserve." For information on either publication, e-mail editor Jim Pope.
  • January 16, 2000:    
    The year 2000 is shaping up to be my most exciting year yet, publishing-wise. I have new short stories due out in the final issue of Crossroads magazine, The Edge , Hourglass Fiction, CyberPsycho's AOD and BloodMoon Zine .

    A new magazine called Dead Moon Tales will be reprinting one of the first stories I ever published, "Preserve," which originally appeared six years ago in a magazines called Eulogy . And at the end of the year, I'll be publishing a holiday tale, "Christmas The Hard Way" through Eternity Magazine Online . But the truly big news for me fiction-wise is that in the summer of 2000, Delirium Books will be publishing Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions , a hardcover collection of my short erotic horror fiction, introduced by Hot Blood anthology series veteran P.D Cacek. It's looking to be a Delirious year for me, actually -- I will also have stories appearing in two Delirium anthologies in 2000 -- The Dead Inn and Dark Testament .

  • December 12, 1999:    
    The big news for me fiction-wise this winter is having my short story "Mirror Image" appear in the British anthology Nasty Snips , a collection of "short-short" stories which include tales from D.F. Lewis, Gerard Daniel Houarner, Cathy Buburuz, Shikhar Dixit and John Platt, and many others. To order the book, check out the Pendragon Press Publishing website or Amazon.co.uk.

    Coming in early 2000, I'm proud to be taking over the Talebones "Bug Music" column for publisher/editor Patrick Swenson (thanks Patrick!) and I have new short stories due out in the final issue of Crossroads magazine, in issue #7 of The Edge and in the first issue of Delirium magazine. I've also signed on as a copyeditor for Delirium's book line and just finished my first project for them -- editing an excellent short story collection from Gerard Daniel Houarner, due out early next year. Don't miss this one!

  • July 18, 1999:   
    Well, summers are traditionally slow times for both acceptances and writing for me. I was recently in San Francisco for 9 days on business and began a new fantasy story there about a woman and the moon. (It's actually based in part on a conversation I held with a fascinating British lady on the plane going out there.) So what news do I have? I'm currently copy editing a new Joe Lansdale collection for Necro Publications, and was recently promoted from an assistant fiction editor to a fiction editor at Dark Regions (thanks Joe and Bobbi!) Over the past couple months I've sold two short-shorts to anthologies -- "The Right Instrument" is due to appear in Funeral Macabre (recently retitled as Hourglass Fiction ) and "Mirror Image" was accepted for Nasty Snips . Both are due out this fall. I've also got a short story that was accepted, well, years ago now, called "Direkit Seed" finally due out soon in the next issue of CyberPsychos AOD which will be out sometime next summer. My first "Shadows in Stereo" column is also due out soon in the first issue of Midnight Hour magazine.

  • May 2, 1999:    
    Some good news over the past couple months! In March, the latest issue of Grue Magazine appeared, including my "Pumpkin Head" story as its lead-off tale. And this past week, the April 1999 issue of E-Scape appeared, including my story "Grandma Wanda's Belly Jelly." In other "web" news, I signed an agreement a few weeks ago with audiohighway.com to host "spoken word" versions of some of my newspaper pop music columns. The first batch are now available through the "Music" area of audiohighway.com (a tab at the top left of the page) The link to Pop Stops is in the lefthand navigational frame

  • February 4, 1999:    
    So what's going on with me? A LOT! I seem to be on a fiction glut of late. At the start of the year, Bobbi Sinha-Morey offered me the chance to help her and her publisher-husband Joe Morey as an Assistant Fiction Editor for Dark Regions magazine. So suddenly, after contributing to magazine manuscript slush piles for the past six years, now I'm reading through them! I'm also currently copyediting a great new Gerard Houarner book to be released this year by Necro Publications.

    I've also completed three new short stories of my own over the past month (one of which has been tottering towards completion since the summer). It looks like my first story to be published in 1999 will be "Pumpkin Head" in Grue . The magazine was due back from the printer sometime this week. And I just got word tonight that my story "Cold Justice For A Burning Heart" will at last be available in the long-delayed next issue of Haunts by April.

  • February 3, 1999:    
    Well, time to clear the decks. I've decided to clear the Journal plate of 1997-1998 entries and start anew. I can't quite do that without giving a quick summary of things Sold, Published and Rejected over that period, so here's my wrap-up box of the past couple years:


    2001 TOTALS:
    REJECTED: 21

    2000 TOTALS:
    REJECTED: 25

    1999 TOTALS:
    REJECTED: 50

    1998 TOTALS:
    REJECTED: 47

    1997 TOTALS:
    REJECTED: 78



     REJECTIONS: 570

For a list of my published works and where they appeared,
please check out my Bibliography.