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    Free FICTION by John Everson

    've published dozens of short stories in small press magazines and anthologies since 1993. I write in a variety of genres, from adult horror to juvenile fantasy to science fiction.

    In the center column are links to stories that I've posted to this site. Below are some links to fiction that is posted and hosted elsewhere on the net.


Free Fiction!

ollowing are some samples of my short fiction. All of these stories were previously published, and several of them were reprinted in my short story collections Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions, Vigilantes of Love and Needles & Sins. For other stories currently online or in print, please see the external links at the left or view my Bibliography page. Enjoy!

  • Needles & Sins
    "Needles & Sins " is the title vignette to my 19-story horror and dark fantasy collection released in October 2007 from Necro Publications.
    After death, your sins live on...and on...and on...

  • Christmas, The Hard Way
    Originally issued as a chapbook for family and friends, this story was bought for a magazine that never ended up being published, and ultimately saw wider distribution when it was included in my 2nd collection of short fiction, Vigilantes of Love.
    A light fantasy holiday tale with ghosts and magic.

  • Vigilantes of Love
    The title story to my 2nd collection of short fiction, Vigilantes of Love, published by Twilight Tales in April 2003
    Love, lust, voodoo, and a zombie curse.

  • Pumpkin Head
    Originally published in Grue #19 in 1999, Delirium Magazine #3 in Fall 2000, and in my 1st collection of short fiction, Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions, published by Delirium Books in Fall 2000. Recently it was reprinted in Candy in the Dumpster and translated into French for Borderline.
    An instructional thesis on what not to do with gourds.

  • Tomatoes
    Originally published in Crossroads, June, 1998
    Written after an afternoon of tomato picking in my garden in 1996.

  • Only Believe
    Originally published in The Cosmic Unicorn, Spring, 1995
    An early experiment in the juxtaposition of science fiction, religion and fantasy.

  • Hard Heart
    Originally published in Sirius Visions #4, November 1994
    Juvenile fantasy, with a surreal twist.

  • Why Do You Stay With Him?
    Originally published in Ixxis, September 1994
    A short spoof of a more serious horror story that I published in Dead of Night in 1995 called "Anniversary."