The 13th by John Everson

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Terror Twins shack


Age: Built in 1923

Height: It depends on which warped part of the roof you measure

Weight: collapsing under its own

Hometown: Castle Point Unincorporated

Bad Habits: Providing shelter to roaches, the Terror Twins and a lot of cheap beer.


Age: 32 & 29

Height: 6 feet and a little less

Weight: large and medium

Hometown: Castle Point forever

Occupation: Delinquent small-time hoods

Bad Habits: Driving a black Mustang way too fast, drinking cheap beer by the keg, hitting on the police chief's daughter.

TG pops his neck a lot, stares deeply and obviously at cleavage and can't stand being called an asshole.

Billy has a deep and violent thirst for cash, but also a soft spot for girls who are supposed to be turned in for cash.


Age: 33

Height: 5'6

Weight: 136

Hometown: Oak Falls

Occupation: Hair Stylist

Bad Habits: Expecting guys to like her for "who she is" and believing them when they say they do. She also has a penchant for Dorito's and a major weakness for shiny things that look like diamonds. She's also way too sentimental -- get her to sing "Sweet Home Alabama" and you've got your night made.