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A double-barreled shotgun blast of macabre entertainment. The 13th is an expert amalgamation of grotesquerie, eroticism, mystery, and pitch-black occult horror that no fan of the genre can miss.
–Edward Lee, author of BRIDES OF THE IMPALER and THE GOLEM

From its subtly metaphoric opening line to its shattering final sequence (I'm talking the kind of ending that only the best horror/dark fantasy writers can pull off, the kind of ending that makes the finale of Pet Sematary look almost like a Bugs Bunny cartoon), John Everson's The 13th is the first out-and-out horror novel in a long while to actually scare the **** out of me while reading it.  It's stylish, extremely well-written, filled with richly-drawn characterizations, and boasts a labyrinthine plot worthy of Umberto Eco.   Trust me -- this one will fry your nerves and break your heart.
–5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin County and Far Dark Fields

Dark, warped and twisted in all the right ways, The 13th is a Laymon-esque caper that combines demonic worship, sadistic rites, terrifying sex magick, and a frightening glimpse of ultimate evil. All this, and John Everson also manages to squeeze in a creepy old hotel, wicked bad guys, and a heaping helping of black humor. It’s a potent mix that’s sure to please horror fans of all stripes.
–W.D. Gagliani, Author of WOLF’S TRAP and WOLF’S GAMBIT

"John Everson's THE 13TH is one of the creepiest and most compelling novels I've read in years. It's a brand new genre: 21st Century Gothic that has smarts and scares in equal measures."

-Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of PATIENT ZERO and THE WOLFMAN


John Everson paves a smooth, swift road to Satanic horror in The 13th.  Pages keep flipping as the darkness growing at the heart of Castle Point consumes both characters and the reader, leading to a thrilling climax in which both doom and salvation depend on sacrifice.  The 13th is a terrifying drop into the mouth of hell that will leave you wanting more from this hot writer.
–Gerard Houarner, Author of BLOOD OF KILLERS and ROAD FROM HELL


Reading The 13th is like taking the fast lane straight to hell. One frighteningly wicked trip.
–JA Konrath, author of WHISKEY SOUR


The 13th will keep you turning from the first blood soaked page until the very last. This is Rosemary’s Baby times 13!!


The 13th delivers a demonic sacrifice worthy of Lucifer himself. This is the perfect book to read while on the toilet, because it will scare the crap out of you.


John Everson penned a chilling tale and right from the get-go you're on board for a scary ride. A fun and frightening horror read that lands deep in the gut.  This book has it all--blood, madness, the supernatural.  Go buy The 13th!
–Nancy Kilpatrick, author of THE POWER OF THE BLOOD world and THE GOTH BIBLE


John Everson's The 13th gives horror a new definition. Raw and riveting, it slams the reader head-on into a nightmare that maes even the darkest superstition surrounding the number seem like a walk across a kindergarten playground. You'll remember Everson's vivid characters. You'll remember the breakneck speed with which you turned each page, anxious to find out what happens next. But the most important thing to remember when reading Everson's The 13th  .  .  . leave the lights on.
–Deborah LeBlanc, author of WATER WITCH